State Medical Societies Urge Biden Administration and State Governments to Facilitate Distribution of COVID-19 Vaccine to Community-Based Physicians


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February 19, 2021




 State Medical Societies Urge Biden Administration and State Governments to Facilitate Distribution of COVID-19 Vaccine to Community-Based Physicians


“On behalf of the tens of thousands of physicians we represent, the medical societies of Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio call upon the Biden Administration and state governments to facilitate the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine to those community-based physicians who have registered with their state systems in order for them to immunize the country’s most vulnerable patients.

As the country moves forward into the immunization process, and as supply increases, it is vitally important that the country and the states employ all resources available and that includes the community-based physicians.   Unfortunately, so far, hospitals, chain pharmacies and mass vaccination sites have been prioritized at the expense of those who know their patients’ needs best – the community physician. These are individuals who can quickly identify the most vulnerable and can reach large amounts of patients who suffer from significant co-morbidities and cannot travel to a vaccine distribution site due to health reasons.

Community-based physicians practice in a wide range of communities such as urban, rural and suburban settings and serve the poor, the elderly, individuals of color and those with co-morbidities.   Many of these patients do not have transportation, are in communities without mass transportation, lack the financial resources or are simply too ill to travel.    Community based physicians care for thousands of patients each and can quickly identify those patients who are most of risk of getting COVID-19 or having complications due to their comorbidities.  More importantly, patients feel comfortable with their physicians, with whom they can discuss the vaccine, and address any vaccine hesitancy, and feel comfortable in the office setting.

The COVID-19 pandemic is the biggest health care challenge that this country has faced in the last 100 years.   The difference compared with public health crises is the rapid advancement of science that allowed the world to develop vaccine that could very well stop this pandemic in its tracks.  The key though is to ensure that we engage all facets of the health care system and that includes the community-based physician.

It is time to change the game plan on the distribution of the vaccine and get the vaccine to the people rather than having the people go to the vaccine.   The first step in this process is for the federal government to take the necessary steps to enable community-based physicians to secure a supply of the COVID -19 vaccine and to begin to immunize those patients most at risk.”

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