Hassle Factor Form


Hassle Factor Form

The online Hassle Factor Form may be completed to report insurance administrative and claims processing concerns including settlement disputes that you may have filed (see Settlement Disputes below for additional information). The information provided will be used to assist the Medical Society of the State of New York (MSSNY) in identifying trends and facilitating public and private sector advocacy related to health plans.


Please note that completion of the following form is for data collection purposes only; information on hassles will be available to MSSNY and your County Medical Society. You will not receive a reply when completing the Hassle Factor Form. By collecting data on issues physicians have with third party payers, MSSNY and the County Medical Societies will be better able to identify common areas of concern and facilitate dialogue with payers. All information compiled through use of this Hassle Factor Form will be handled and maintained in accordance with current privacy policy. Please complete one form per carrier. This information is not verified.

Please do not include any Protected Health Information (PHI) such as patient names or tax ID numbers on the form.
Should you require additional assistance on a particular coding or health plan coverage issue, contact your MSSNY OMBUDSMAN at 516-488-6100, ext. 332.

Settlement Disputes:

As a result of lawsuits brought against the major health plan carriers, some carriers have agreed to settlements that should benefit physicians. Settlements with Aetna, CIGNA and other plans have recently been finalized and one of the agreed upon terms is a process for physicians to file disputes with an external entity. Physicians are encouraged to file a dispute with the carrier(s) should there be a violation of the billing, medical necessity or settlement terms and then report any disputes that they file against Aetna, CIGNA and any other carriers by completing the Hassle Factor Form. Please note that the physician practice must file the dispute themselves – MSSNY will not file a dispute. Completing the Hassle Factor Form is a way to notify MSSNY that your practice has filed a dispute.