MSSNY Pulse: September 9, 2022

Message from MSSNY President Parag Mehta, MD:
MSSNY Division of Communications Activities: Effective Two-Way Communication is Open, Ongoing, Relevant

MSSNY is here for all of us—the proud physicians of New York state. In our ongoing mission to provide members with the information and tools we all need to thrive both professionally and personally in an ever-changing practice environment, we have introduced new efforts to get you the news that matters to you.  MSSNY has arranged webinars on current topics with appropriate entities ranging from COVID and Monkeypox to the Healthcare worker bonus program.

We represent, respond to, and communicate your interests with the media. We provide tools and speaking points vital to you, ranging from wrongful death bills, Medicare cuts, and Monkeypox as a health care emergency and many more. I want to highlight some of the MSSNY communication division’s recent efforts and activities, including media coverage in Buffalo News, Crain’s, Gothamist, Medpage Today, LoHud, Medscape, Newsday, Times Union, Spectrum News Albany (Capital Tonight), WRGB-TV CBS 6 Albany and more!

We have recently redesigned and rebranded our MSSNY Pulse newsletter and launched a MSSNY Pulse app. Look for MSSNY Pulse in the App Store or Google Play. In addition, the development of our new MSSNY website is well underway, and we look forward to introducing it to our members and the public soon.

I invite each MSSNY member to be part of our team; we want to establish connections all around the state. Effective two-way communication requires an open dialogue. Please follow and engage with us on our social media channels, which have a total of more than 6,000 followers: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn and email me your thoughts and suggestions at

Julie Vecchione, VP, Communications Roseann Raia, Manager, Communications Matthew Brown, Digital Marketing Project Specialist

National Suicide Prevention Month: Call 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline. There are an average of 123 suicides each day and 44000 suicide in a year in USA. It’s the tenth leading cause of death in America — second leading for ages 25-34, and third leading for ages 15-24. To create awareness and strengthen the fight against suicide, the entire month of September is Suicide Prevention Month.

With an increased number of people reporting worsening mental health in recent years, people must be aware of the 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline (formerly known as the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline) telephone program.

Suicidal thoughts can plague anyone regardless of age, gender, or social status. Commonly linked to depression, there is no foolproof indicator of suicidal tendencies. Many people can cover up their suicidal thoughts very well.

People experiencing a suicidal, substance use, and/or mental health crisis, or any other kind of emotional distress can call, chat or text 988, and speak to trained crisis counselors. The national hotline is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The previous National Suicide Prevention Lifeline phone number (1-800-273-8255) will continue to be operational, and route calls to 988 indefinitely.

Remembering the Victims of 9/11 and the Queen. Today, we mourn the death of Queen Elizabeth II, who passed away yesterday after a reign of 70 years and 214 days, the longest of any British monarch and the longest recorded of any female head of state. And on Sunday, September 11, we will remember the nearly 3,000 people lost in the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

Wellness Corner. “Beyond work and love, I would add two other ingredients that give meaning to life. First, to fulfill whatever talents we are born with. However, blessed we are by fate with different abilities and strengths, we should try to develop them to the fullest, rather than allow them to atrophy and decay. We all know individuals who did not fulfill the promise they showed in childhood. Many of them became haunted by the image of what they might have become. Instead of blaming fate, I think we should accept ourselves as we are and try to fulfill whatever dreams are within our capability. Second, we should try to leave the world a better place than when we entered it. As individuals, we can make a difference, whether it is to probe the secrets of Nature, to clean up the environment and work for peace and social justice, or to nurture the inquisitive, vibrant spirit of the young by being a mentor and a guide.” – Michio Kaku

Parag Mehta, MD
MSSNY President

What Physicians Need to Know About the Healthcare Worker Bonus Program
MSSNY has been working closely with county society executives across the State to answer questions from physicians and their staffs regarding the State’s Health care worker bonus program enacted in the State Budget earlier this year.

Following lots of e-mail discussions with DOH staff, and reviewing the frequently updated DOH FAQs Frequently Asked Questions ( for changing information, here is a “Top 10” of what physicians need to know about this program:

  • Physician practices with at least 20% Medicaid patient population are eligible to submit for the bonuses on behalf of eligible employees (listed in the FAQ).
  • 20% Medicaid includes patients enrolled in Medicaid fee for service, Medicaid Managed Care and where Medicaid is secondary.
  • Based upon an e-mail from DOH, the 20% does not include non-Medicaid Child Health Plus, the Essential Plan or Medicare (or other public-supported coverage)
  • The state has not defined what period of time should include the 20%.  I think they have left up to the various providers to justify through documentation over some period of time (i.e., 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, etc.)
  • If you can’t complete the documentation for vesting period 1 (employees from 10/1/21 – 3/31/22), for which the submission deadline is today, September 2, you will have another chance to submit for eligible employees in October for Vesting Period 1, in addition to employees for Vesting Period 2 (employees from 4/1/22 – 9/30/22)
  • There are 3 additional employee 6-month vesting periods (5 total) running through March 31, 2024
  • There is a defined formula in the statute for the bonus level for the eligible employees, based upon the number of average hours worked during a 6-month vesting period.
    1. 20-30 hours = $500 bonus/vesting period
    2. 30-35 hours = $1,000 bonus/vesting period
    3. 35 hours or more = $1,500 bonus/vesting period
  • An eligible employee may not receive a bonus for more than 2 vesting periods, with a maximum bonus of $3,000 cumulatively
  • With very limited exceptions, an eligible employee cannot have earned more than $62,500 for a particular vesting period
  • Medical residents and fellows are eligible to receive the bonuses.   With some limited exceptions, they remain eligible even if they shifted facilities during a particular vesting period.

For more information, folks may want to watch this informative webinar from the Monroe County Medical Society, with participating from MSSNY staff, to answer questions regarding the program from physicians and their staffs. Passcode Required – Zoom, passcode – Q2wTV*7S

You also may want to review this DOH power point from earlier this week for more information: HWB Program Townhall Series (

Physicians may also want to consult the frequently updated state FAQ Frequently Asked Questions (


AMA Report: Disturbing Trends on Overdose Deaths Requires Specific Actions, All-Hands Approach
This week the American Medical Association (AMA) released its Overdose Epidemic Report for 2022. While the report highlights the great strides taken over the past decade to reduce the nation’s opioid abuse epidemic, including positive actions taken by physicians across multiple areas within their control, it paints a sobering reminder of the worsening epidemic. While physicians and other health care professionals have reduced opioid prescribing in New York by 49.5% since 2012, in line with the national average of nearly 50%, that cannot reverse the trend of drug-related overdose deaths. In fact, for the first time, in 2021, drug-related overdose deaths exceeded 100,000.

The AMA calls for an all hands campaign to include Policymakers, health insurance plans, national pharmacy chains, and other stakeholders to change their focus to remove barriers such as prior authorization to evidence-based care. States should require health insurance companies and other payers to make non-opioid pain care alternatives more accessible and affordable. Medical and other health care professional licensing boards help patients with pain by reviewing and rescinding arbitrary restrictions on opioid therapy as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended. Read the full report to learn more about how you can make a difference in this crisis.

Are You Afraid to Identify as a Leader?
Self-identity matters: research has shown that seeing yourself as a leader is the first step toward becoming one, and reluctance to identify as a leader can keep capable people from taking on leadership responsibilities. Prior research has shown that reputational concerns significantly deter people from proactively pursuing their goals at work. To explore this question, the author conducted a series of studies with more than 1,700 participants, including full-time employees, MBA students, and U.S. Airforce cadets. One finding was consistent: the more people worried about the reputational risks of being a leader, the less likely they were to identify as one. The three most prominent were:

  • Fear of seeming domineering
  • Fear of seeming different
  • Fear of seeming unqualified

Learn more about the fears holding you back from becoming a leader in the office and at MSSNY.

Are You Afraid to Identify as a Leader? (HBR, 9/5, Cunningham).

Sellers Insurance for MSSNY Members

Americans, No Matter the State They Live In, Die Younger Than People in Many Other Countries
Despite spending more on health care than any other nation, the United States has a lower average life expectancy and higher avoidable mortality rate than most middle to high-income countries. The authors compare individual states and the District of Columbia to peer countries on these two health system measures. They found that regardless of where Americans live, they are more likely to die earlier from preventable causes than people in many other countries.

The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) defines avoidable mortality as deaths before age 75 from conditions that are either preventable through effective public health and primary prevention (before the onset of disease) or treatable when detected early and adequate care is received. Examples include deaths from diabetes, certain infections, breast and colon cancer, appendicitis, and renal failure. The author suggests ways the United States can improve our mortality rate by adopting new healthcare policies similar to those used worldwide.

Americans, No Matter the State They Live In, Die Younger Than People in Many Other Countries (CWF, 8/11, Radley).

We are Updating our Records and Hope that You Will Too
MSSNY is updating our website and user experiences this coming winter. At this time, we are asking users to please log in to their profiles and ensure that as much information is up to date to ensure that you are ready to experience our new virtual home.

Save the Date for Joint Section Virtual Programming Saturday, October 1, 2022 – 10:00 AM
The Residents/Fellows Section, the Young Physicians Section, and the Medical Students Section will host a virtual information session on Saturday, October 1.

We look forward to having you join us!

Register to learn more

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with

Join Onondaga County Medical Society’s Media Relations 101 for Medical Professionals on October 5, 2022 –10:00 AM
Onondaga County Medical Society Executive Director Julie Panna has over 20 years of strategic communications and media experience. She will discuss tips on preparing for and successfully delivering your message during television interviews. This webinar is geared toward physicians and medical society staff. The session will provide an overview of tips on addressing public policy issues during a media interview.

Please RSVP to by September 25th, and you will receive confirmation of registration and the zoom link.

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View MSSNYPAC’s Legislator Scorecard!
Which Senators and Assemblymembers are making the right choices to protect health care access in your communities?

With the summer primaries behind us and just eight weeks until the midterm elections in November, MSSNYPAC has released its scorecard for the 2022 legislative session. The scorecard is a valuable tool for physicians that contains the voting and co-sponsorship records of each state legislator on issues important to New York physicians, their patients, and our health care system. This year, the scorecard encompasses seven bills supported by MSSNY and four bills opposed by MSSNY.

Urge Governor Hochul to Sign Managed Care Reform Bills into Law
Physicians are again urged to contact Governor Hochul to ask her to sign into law a several bills supported by MSSNY and numerous patient advocacy organizations (NY Legislature Passes Legislation with Important Patient Protections – Aimed Alliance) to address hassles patients and their physicians are experiencing with health insurers.

The first bill, A.879/S.8113, would ensure that those who make “medical necessity” determinations on behalf of a health insurance company are appropriately qualified to make those decisions. Please contact Governor Hochul to urge her to sign this bill into law.

This bill would ensure that a health plan may not deny a request for needed patient care unless the reviewing physician is adequately qualified to review the treatment requested or provided, by requiring that such reviewing physician be board-certified or board eligible in the same or similar specialty as the physician who typically recommends the treatment or manage the condition that is under review.  It would also require that such physician have a New York license to practice medicine and provide much-needed, additional protections to ensure that these patients will have coverage for the care they are expecting and entitled to receive.

To learn more about this issue, please read a recent op-ed coauthored by MSSNY members and Long Island oncologists Dr. David Eagle and Dr. Jeff Vacirca, which recently ran in Newsday.   In a recent MSSNY survey, 42% of the respondents indicated they frequently have experienced denials from health insurers by reviewers other than a physician practicing in the same specialty, and 77% of the respondents indicated they at least sometimes did.

A second bill, A.1741-A/S.5299-A, would prohibit a health plan from imposing a policy that forbids a payment from a third party to count towards the patient’s deductible or maximum out-of-pocket cost-sharing limit. This practice can be especially challenging for patients that have health insurance plans with high deductibles or high copayment requirements. Please take a moment to send a letter to Governor Hochul urging her to sign this bill into law.

A third bill, A.3276/ S.5909, would ban insurance companies from applying “fail first” or step therapy protocols to treatments prescribed for patients with mental health conditions.  This would help to ensure that patients can receive needed medications without unnecessary and time-consuming pre-authorization burdens, Please take a moment to send a letter to Governor Hochul urging her to sign this important bill into law.

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Please Help to Prevent Drastic Increases in Your Liability Premiums!
Physicians are continued to be urged to contact Governor Hochul Reject Expansion of Liability ( to request that she veto legislation (S.74-A, Hoylman/A.6770, Weinstein) that could cause drastic increases in physician medical liability premiums by significantly expanding the types of damages awardable in a wrongful death action. The bill was passed over the strenuous opposition of numerous and varied groups, including MSSNY, specialty societies, hospital associations, FQHCs, the Business Council of New York, medical liability and property & casualty insurers, The New York State Association of Counties, and the New York Conference of Mayors.

Specifically, the legislation would increase the already expansive damages awardable in such actions to include compensation for grief or anguish, the loss of love and companionship, loss of services and support, and the loss of nurture and guidance. One actuarial study has suggested that this bill has the potential to increase New York’s already outrageously high medical liability premiums by nearly 40%.

Through numerous forums, MSSNY has argued that legislation like this should only be considered in the context of a comprehensive effort to address New York’s excessive liability costs.  An op-ed from MSSNY President was printed in the Albany Times-Union, and a similar op-ed appeared in the Buffalo News by Erie County Medical Society President Dr. Robert Armstrong.  Dr. Mehta’ also had a letter to the editor published in Long Island Newsday and provided comments on articles on this issue on CBS6-Albany-TV and in Crains Health Pulse.

MSSNY has also been coordinating its efforts with other groups adversely impacted by this bill, with various op-eds by the Business Council of New York, and the NYS Conference of Mayors.

Again, please contact Governor Hochul here: Reject Expansion of Liability ( to make sure that we #DontChasePhysiciansOutofNY

Bills Supported by MSSNY:
A879/S8113 – Requires Same Specialty Peer Review by Health Plans
A1741-A/S5299-A – Limits Health Insurer “Copay Accumulators”
A3276/S5909 – Limits Mental Health Step Therapy
A9687-B/S9079-B – Protects Physicians Who Provide Reproductive Health Care
A10502/S9113-A – Expands Red Flags & Background Checks for Firearm Purchases
A6256/S5055 – Telehealth Payment Parity
A9908-A/S8299 – Reduces Prior Authorization Hassles through “Gold Cards”

Bills Opposed by MSSNY:
A6770/S74-A – Wrongful Death Expansion
A3470C/S2521C – Facility Fee Disclosure
A273/S4640 – Mandatory Opioid Prescribing Alternatives
A6008-E/S9449 – Mental Health Counselors Diagnosis

MSSNYPAC has also released specialized, county by county versions of its scorecard. This way, you will be able to see how the legislators that represent your county are voting on issues important to physicians and your patients. There are currently 20 county scorecards available. To request a scorecard from a county not listed, please contact or call 518-465-8085.

Wrongful Death Expansion
MSSNY President Dr. Mehta spoke with Crain’s Health Pulse on how Expansion of wrongful-death damages could inflate insurance costs, stating that actuarial estimates show the measure could lead to a 40% increase in malpractice premiums for private physicians and a 45% increase for hospitals.

The Importance of Vaccines
Dr. Mehta was quoted in a USA Today/LoHud article about the importance of vaccines and stated, “We must preserve community immunity to protect society − especially our most vulnerable newborns, pregnant women, the immune-compromised, and those with cancer…Vaccination can mean the difference between life and death.”

MSSNY Recoups Potential Losses and Changes Policy
The following testimony was submitted by MSSNY Member Ross Zeltser, MD, FAAD, FACMS of the Hudson Dermatology group.

“I strongly commend Heather K. Lopez- BSc., MSihm – MSSNY’s Director of Physician Payment & Practice. We first reached out to her earlier this year, asking for help with unfair reimbursement practices by UHC. She replied within minutes and used her connections at UHC to help us recover several thousand dollars and, more importantly, compel UHC to reverse the unjust and unjustified policy.”

A similar scenario played out more recently with Aetna. It is difficult to imagine a more responsive, proactive, and, most importantly, effective advocate than Heather. If anything, having the benefit of access to Heather would more than pay for the yearly dues! In the strongest possible terms, I urge all NY physicians to join MSSNY.

United Healthcare’s MODIFIER 25 is Delaying Payments
It has recently been brought to MSSNY’s attention that you will receive an edit back when submitting your electronic claims to United via MODIFIER 25. This edit will hold the claim for five days, and then it will begin processing.

The sole purpose of MODIFIER 25 is to identify another CPT code on the claim that is separate and distinct from the E/M code. Two weeks ago, in a national call, MSSNY’s Heather Lopez raised concerns over this topic and how this is ultimately a delay in payment. Heather implored them to take this back for reconsideration and proposed a “smart edit” that would not hold the claim up for five additional days but rather be information. For your reference, an article on modifier 25 from Physicians Practice.

If you have questions about this or any other insurance concern, contact MSSNY’s Director of Physician Payment and Practice, Heather Lopez, at 518.465.8085 X332 |

Connect with the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services and National Government Services on September 13, 2022
Join Heather Lopez, MSSNY’s Director of Physician Payment & Practice, an expert in practice management, billing, and reimbursement the Tuesday, September 13, 2022, at 6 pm for the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services and National Government Services’ open agenda meeting.  Members are encouraged to participate and open a direct communication line with policymakers that otherwise can be difficult to reach. Heather is an expert in practice management, billing, and reimbursement.

MSSNY Hosting Forum on What Physicians Need to Know When Treating Patients With FDA-Approved “Biosimilar” Therapies
Patients living with chronic or complex diseases have benefited in recent years from innovative biological medicines, commonly known as “Biosimilars”, which are manufactured from living cells and highly effective for many patients. Biosimilars are biological medicines approved by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) as “highly similar” to an original biologic therapy.

Like many states, New York enacted a law that permits a pharmacist to substitute an FDA-approved biosimilar for an original biologic therapy, provided there is notice to the prescribing physician within five days of the substitution. The state legislature renewed the law during the 2002 legislative session. To help physicians better understand what Biosimilars are, how the law works and what it means for patients, MSSNY is hosting a webinar on Wednesday, October 5, 2022 at 7:30am via Zoom. The webinar will feature health policy experts who will share information on this important issue and answer physicians’ questions about the potential impact on their patients.

Who: Hosted by the Medical Society of the State of New York (MSSNY)
What: Educational Webinar on “Biosimilar” Therapies for Patients
When: Wednesday, October 5, 2022 at 7:30am.
Where: Via Zoom. Click to register!
Registration now open September 21st @ 7:30am
Medical Matters CME Webinar

The Medical Society of the State of New York is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) to provide continuing medical education for physicians.

The Medical Society of the State of New York designates this live activity for a maximum of 1.0 AMA PRA Category 1 credits™.  Physicians should claim only the credit commensurate with the extent of their participation in the activity. 

Veterans Matters CME Webinar Sponsored by Nassau County Medical Society and the Medical Society of the State of New York on September 20 at 6 pm
It is estimated that nearly 50% of veterans prefer to receive healthcare outside of the VA system.  Additionally, a significant number of physicians are not fully prepared to treat veteran patients.  Learn more about treating veteran patients by registering for Military Culture: Everything Physicians Need to Know About Veterans as Patients on September 20th at 6:00 pm. Yung Chan, former Army medic and current medical student will serve as faculty for this webinar.

Register now

Educational Objectives:

  • Describe the unique aspects of military culture and how they impact patients who are veterans
  • Explain the Dwyer Peer-to-Peer program as a resource to assist veteran patients re-acclimating from a group to an individual mentality
  • Review and identify resources to improve physician’s ability to fully treat veterans who are transitioning back into civilian life

Additional information or assistance with registration may be obtained by contacting Stavroula Savelidis at or Melissa Hoffman at

The Medical Society of the State of New York is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) to provide continuing medical education for physicians.

The Medical Society of the State of New York designates this live activity for a maximum of 1.0 AMA PRA Category 1 credits™.  Physicians should claim only the credit commensurate with the extent of their participation in the activity. 

Vaccines for Adults and Children Webinar on September 21st at 7:30am
The COVID pandemic has resulted in missed vaccinations for both children and adults. Learn more about this decline, recommendations for vaccines and boosters and effective vaccine messaging by registering for Vaccines for Adults and Children on September 21st at 7:30am.  William Valenti, MD chair of MSSNY Infectious Diseases Committee will serve as faculty for this webinar.

Register now

Educational Objectives are:

  • Examine the decline in childhood and adult vaccines during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Outline childhood and adult vaccine and booster recommendations
  • Relate effective vaccine messaging priorities for pediatric, adolescent, and adult patients

Additional information or assistance with registration may be obtained by contacting Melissa Hoffman at

The Medical Society of the State of New York is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) to provide continuing medical education for physicians.

The Medical Society of the State of New York designates this live activity for a maximum of 1.0 AMA PRA Category 1 credits™.  Physicians should claim only the credit commensurate with the extent of their participation in the activity.

In Need of a New Fall Wardrobe?
MSSNY members receive a 15% discount on full-priced Brooks Brothers merchandise at stores, by phone, and online. Login to your MSSNY account for details on how to save!

ARAGON, Zacarias; West Hempstead, NY.  Died April 19, 2022, age 93.  Nassau County Medical Society
BERMAN, David; New York, NY.  Died August 14, 2022, age 92.  Medical Society County of Queens
CARBAJAL, Pilar Gloria; New York, NY.  Died July 03, 2022, age 90.  New York County Medical Society
DOUGHERTY, Ronald John; Liverpool, NY.  Died May 10, 2021, age 88.  Onondaga County Medical Society
GACEK, Richard Raymond; Worcester, MA.  Died January 01, 2022, age 91.  Onondaga County Medical Society
GAZZO, Frank Joseph; Buffalo, NY.  Died February 07, 2022, age 92.  Erie County Medical Society
HO, Frederick Shiu Fai; Martinsburg, WV.  Died February 16, 2022, age 94.  Onondaga County Medical Society
JAJOO, Krishana Kumar; New Hyde Park, NY.  Died February 01, 2021, age 80.  Nassau County Medical Society
KAHN, Alvin Ira; Valley Stream, NY.  Died February 08, 2022, age 93.  Medical Society County of Kings
KARLAN, Robert David; Great Neck, NY.  Died November 24, 2021, age 85.  Medical Society County of Queens
KLEIN, Harvey; New York, NY.  Died August 12, 2020, age 82.  New York County Medical Society
KOSHY, Indira J.; Jamesville, NY.  Died April 03, 2022, age 84.  Onondaga County Medical Society
KRISZTINICZ, Irene Levay; Buffalo, NY.  Died February 16, 2022, age 88.  Erie County Medical Society
KRITCHMAN, Marilyn M. S.; Lake Worth, FL.  Died May 01, 2022, age 94.  Medical Society County of Queens
LAUTERSTEIN, Joseph; Rock Hill, NY.  Died April 15, 2022, age 87.  Medical Society County of Sullivan
LAYUG, Rumoldo C.; Yonkers, NY.  Died July 13, 2022, age 83.  Medical Society County of Westchester
PARKER, Frederick B. Jr.; Syracuse, NY.  Died December 05, 2020, age 84.  Onondaga County Medical Society
RASKIN, Elliott George; Staten Island, NY.  Died January 03, 2020, age 90.  Richmond County Medical Society
RUBINOWITZ, Herbert S.; New York, NY.  Died August 22, 2021, age 86.  New York County Medical Society
SCHWARTZ, Howard Stanley; Bronx, NY.  Died February 29, 2020, age 88.  Bronx County Medical Society
SEIDNER, Richard F.; Liverpool, NY.  Died February 10, 2022, age 83.  Onondaga County Medical Society
SHOOBE, Marcus L.; Myrtle Beach, SC.  Died May 17, 2022, age 89.  Medical Society County of Albany
SINGER, Morton; Merrick, NY.  Died February 13, 2022, age 99.  Nassau County Medical Society
SISLER, Hampson Albert; New York, NY.  Died May 25, 2020, age 87.  New York County Medical Society
STEVENS, Aaron B.; Fort Myers, FL.  Died January 13, 2022, age 94.  Medical Society County of Washington
TERK, Byron Harvey; Boca Raton, FL.  Died July 01, 2021, age 93.  Nassau County Medical Society
TROISI, Joseph Gerard; Bridgeport, CT.  Died October 15, 2021, age 100.  Medical Society County of Kings

Classified Ads Available for:

Physicians’ search services • allied medical placements • locum tenens • practice valuation • practice brokerage • practice consulting • real estate

For help, information or to place your ad, call Roseann Raia at 516-488-6100
ext. 302

For the MSSNY 2022 Ad RateSheet, please click here.

Concierge Practice for Sale  Boca Raton Florida
FOR SALE: Established Independent Concierge Internal Medicine Practice in Boca Raton, Florida. Stable turnkey operation in a pleasant work environment. Ideal for someone with the desire to transition to a better approach to medical practice. Financing available.

Hollywood Beach, FL 2 Bedroom, 2 Bath Condo Direct Ocean View
One of a kind two-bedroom two bath condo directly on Hollywood Beach and boardwalk.  Terrace overlooking the ocean is cruise ship-like, with unobstructed views of the ocean and intercostal. Penthouse unit without neighbors above or adjacent. Features white 24-inch tile floors, two bedrooms with queen beds, two marble tiled bathrooms, central air conditioning and building just upgraded. Edgewaters Beach Towers, 400 North Surf Rd., Hollywood Beach. $779,000. Call 917-861-8273 /

30 Central Park South Office for Lease or Sale 
Prime ground floor office, two  AAAHC accredited operatories plus four exam rooms lab, large reception and secretarial areas and two full bathrooms. Four rooms with external windows. Will help with building to suit. Lease $16500/month with option to buy $3.3mil. Contact  or 917-861-8273

Rheumatology Practice Sublet – Great Neck, NY
Sublet opportunity available at an established medical office in Great Neck, NY. Prime location near LIJ, Northshore University and St. Francis Hospitals. Fully equipped office with onsite parking and proximity to mass transit. Contact 516-972-2986/ for more info.

Medical Office with Ample Patient Parking + 1 Family For Sale in the Most Desired Area of Hollis Hills. Priced to Sell!
One of a kind medical office investment opportunity and growth in the most desirable areas of Hollis Hills! This property is an S1 zoning that allows a medical practice, located within proximity of LIJ and Manhasset hospital, Lake Success Pro Health Medical offices with ample patient parking and much more, this unique property features a residential space split level style with 5 bedrooms, 3.5 baths living room, dining room with a wood burning fireplace, kitchen, oversized sunroom/den, 1 car garage and laundry room.

The Lower level has a separate entrance, 4 exam rooms, a doctor’s private office, filling rooms and endless closet storage.
Conveniently located near schools, worship houses, transportation, GCP, LIE, Cross Island & Clearview Expressway, restaurants, shopping centers and much more! To inquire, please call Claudia (917-554-4158) or Bella at (718-344-2153).

Recruiting for Full or Part time (20 hours per week Chief of Medical Services).  Salary is negotiable.
Oversees and directs the planning, implementation, and supervision of health and medical services for residents at the NYS Veterans Home at St Albans. Develops, implements, and evaluates medical treatment standards and procedures; and provides technical and operational guidance and direction to medical and health care staff. Serves as a medical consultant and liaison; and develops recommendations for medical assessments, treatments, and care. Implements and monitors contract agreements and the provision of contracted medical and health related services. Participates in program audits and reviews. Supervises the credentialing and privileging process to ensure that medical staff possess appropriate credentials and maintain appropriate levels of continuing education; and participates in the development of recruitment programs and hiring and selection processes. Provides clinical and administrative supervision and guidance to physicians and other health care professionals.  Possession of a license and current registration to practice medicine in New York State and six years of post-licensure medical practice experience, two years of which must have been in an administrative or supervisory capacity. Must be fully COVID 19 vaccinated.

Send CV to:

Office Space To Share / Financial District NYC.
111 John St., Ste 1460, NYC 10038 (between Cliff & Pearl St.)
A block away from the South Street Seaport. Easy access to office Central hub for all subway lines (A, C, 2, 3, 4, 5, J, Z, E), a quick walk from NJ path train.

Beautifully renovated, 1,300 sq ft. modern space. Available Monday, Wednesday, Friday and weekends.

Private rooms with pocket doors. Access to building 24/7, security/door man in the lobby, very safe. Daily rate $450. Contact (917) 514-1299 text/call.

Medical Office for Share in Medical Park with Free Big Parking Lot in Westchester County
Medical office for sublet in Medical Park with free big parking lot, located at West Harrison, border of White Plains in Westchester County. Office includes a big waiting room with a kitchen, doctors office, exam room, and reception area. All rooms are available for whole days of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday, Thursday (Thursday full day on every 1st and 3rd week and Thursday morning on every 2nd and 4th week each month, or we can discuss more options). Monthly rent $600 for once a week usage, $1100 for twice a week usage, $1500 for three-day a week usage. Newly renovated and fully furnished. Text May if you are interested 646-338-4803

Board Certified Internal or Family Medicine Physician
Join our caring team and our mission to provide the highest standard of healthcare to each of our patients. Medical office in Eastern Nassau County looking a for a hard-working, responsible Physician to join our team.

Responsibilities include care for, diagnosing and managing patients.

Please send Curriculum Vitae to

Rendr – Transforming Healthcare – Leadership Opportunity: Associate Chief Medical Office, SVP of Population Health, Bilingual English and Chinese (Mandarin or Cantonese) preferred
Job Position: Associate Chief Medical Office, SVP of Population Health in this role, you will lead and provide a wide range of support through population health, quality measures, practice transformation, Rendr360 department, House Calls, and other projects. Please send resumes We are offering leadership opportunities to Physicians who are interested in providing high-quality clinical care to our patients in the diverse communities that we serve. As a rapidly growing network, we provide a supportive environment for our physicians to practice medicine under the guidance of dedicated medical leadership.