MSSNY eNews: October 27, 2021 – 1 in 5 Physicians Has Considered Quitting Their Current Job, Survey Finds

1 in 5 Physicians Has Considered Quitting Their Current Job, Survey Finds
The Medscape Physician Nonclinical Careers Report 2021 published Oct. 8 found one in five physicians has considered leaving their current job to pursue nonclinical careers.

Researchers surveyed more than 2,500 physicians across the U.S. for the annual report.

Key takeaways:

  • Fifty-eight percent of those wanting to change career paths said they planned to make the change within three years.
  • Eight in 10 looking for a career change are actively exploring other options, with 53 percent looking online.
  • Education was the top field surveyed physicians are looking to switch to (42 percent).
  • Thirty-four percent cited general burnout as the top reason for wanting to switch jobs, while 7 percent cited burnout from the pandemic.
  • Twenty percent cited wanting to work fewer hours.

–Gleeson, Becker’s Hospital Review

Physician Advocacy Urged to Pushback Against HHS’ Insurer-Biased Interpretation of “No Surprises Act”
MSSNY thanks the several members of the New York Congressional Delegation who have added their names to a letter co-authored by Rep. Tom Suozzi (D-Long Island) and others to Xavier Becerra, Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS), Janet Yellen, Secretary of Treasury, and Martin J. Walsh, Secretary of Labor, regarding an Interim Final Rule (IFR) that was released on September 30, 2021 entitled, “Requirements Related to Surprise Billing; Part II”. The letter urges Congress to amend the IFR to synchronize the law’s implementation with the legislation Congress passed in 2020.

Instead of following the statutory language included within the No Surprises Act enacted by Congress last December, HHS and other federal agencies designed an Independent Dispute Resolution (IDR) process for resolving out of network surprise medical bills that heavily favors health insurance companies in payment disputes.

Among the many members who signed the letter initiated by Representatives Suozzi, Wenstrup, Ruiz and Bucshon include Representatives Clarke (D-Brooklyn), Higgins (D-Erie County), Meng (D-Queens), Morelle (D-Monroe County), Torres (D-Bronx).

MSSNY President Dr. Joseph Sellers recently issued a statement (Surprise Billing Legislation Interim Final Rule: MSSNY Calls for Prioritizing Patient Care Over Insurance Profits) in which he said, “In implementing the Independent Dispute Resolution (IDR) process for resolving patient surprise medical bills – a process that New York physicians have strongly supported for many years – HHS has clearly sought to put its thumb on the scale in favor of multi-billion-dollar insurance companies.”

The rule has also been criticized by numerous national medical organizations, including the AMA, the American Hospital Association (AHA), Federation of American Hospitals and numerous specialty societies. The Congressional intent articulated in the “No Surprises Act” was to create an IDR process to protect patients that was appropriately balanced and did not favor either the insurer or the physician in claims disputes. Specifically, the final language adopted by Congress required that numerous factors be considered, including patient acuity or complexity of services, demonstrations of previous good faith efforts to negotiate in-network rates and previously contracted rates, in addition to the insurers’ median in-network rate, without specifying that one factor take precedence over another.

With the law scheduled to take effect January 1, 2022, MSSNY intends to work with the AMA, and other allied groups, to advocate for needed changes to the regulation to ensure that the IDR process is implemented in a way that better achieves balance in the IDR process, to protect care availability in hospital emergency departments.

MSSNY members can also help by sending a letter to Senators Schumer and Gillibrand, as well as their respective member of Congress, from here: Urge Congress to Urge HHS to Revise Independent Dispute Resolution Regulations 


Governor Hochul Signs Into Law Limited Prescribing Privileges for Optometrists
This week, Governor Hochul signed into law legislation (S.1519/A.1921) that would permit optometrists to prescribe a limited number of oral medications.  As is noted in the Governor’s message of approval, it makes New York the very last state in the country to permit optometrists to prescribe oral agents.  MSSNY collectively advocated with the New York State Ophthalmological Society (NYSOS) and other county and specialty medical societies to ensure there were appropriate patient safeguards within the legislation.   The final version is a significant improvement over far broader earlier versions.

While there still remain some concerning aspects of the new law, NYSOS notes it is one of the most restrictive optometry prescribing laws in the country. Prescriptive privileging is limited to six specific antibiotic medications, two antiglaucoma medications (with immediate referral to an ophthalmologist), and two antiviral medications (for one specific ophthalmic condition with mandatory referral to a primary care physician or ophthalmologist).

Also included within Governor Hochul’s approval memo is that the State Education Department has committed to conducting a survey of optometric prescribing to be submitted to the Board for Optometry and Medicine, as well as conducting a random audit of continuing education compliance, and investigation and prosecution of complaints of professional misconduct involving inappropriate prescribing practices.

MSSNY will continue to work with NYSOS to ensure that the law is being followed as written.

The Future of Advocacy in a Post-COVID-19 World
What will the future of advocacy look like in a post-COVID-19 environment? Will recently adopted digital communications tactics remain as part of the new normal? Which tried and true government relations strategies will return?

Join the AMA on October 28 at 7 pm ET for “Advocacy in a Post-COVID World.

Conducted over Zoom, this online training will answer these questions and more. Hear from Capitol Hill staff who will describe the procedures and protocols involved in meeting with constituents. AMA lobbying staff will reveal how they interact with House and Senate offices and provide an update on the latest health policy developments. Finally, they will discuss how virtual meetings may lead to greater efficiencies and more meaningful engagements, and ways that VIP members should consider interacting with congressional offices moving forward.

This online training is the first in a series of upcoming webinars that aim to provide physicians the tools they need to become a more effective advocate for both their practice and patients.

Register now to get access to this exclusive training and stay tuned for information on upcoming training topics and times.

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Updated Info for Physicians Enrolled in the NYS COVID-19 Vaccination Program
The following links provide updated information for providers enrolled in the NYS COVID-19 vaccination program to reflect the FDA authorization and CDC approval of Moderna and J&J booster doses for eligible individuals and the administration of heterologous booster doses:

Guidance for The New York State COVID-19 Vaccination Program
Information for Health Care Professionals about the Screening Checklist for the COVID-19 Vaccine
COVID-19 Immunization Screening and Consent Form — October 23, 2021

Medicare: Provider Performance and Experiences under the Merit-based Incentive Payment System
The Government Accountability Office (GAO) released a report examining the distribution of the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) performance scores and related payment adjustments as well as stakeholders’ perspectives on the strengths and challenges of the MIPS program. GAO analyzed MIPS data for performance years 2017 to 2019 and interviewed officials from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and 11 selected professional organizations that represent MIPS-eligible physicians of various specialties. Key highlights from the report are outlined below:

  • Final scores for MIPS physicians were generally high and at least 93% of physicians earned a small positive adjustment, with the largest payment adjustment in any year being 1.88%.
  • Median final scores were well above the performance threshold across each of the 3 years.
  • About 72 to 84% of physicians earned an exceptional performance bonus, depending on the year.
  • Two of the eleven stakeholders stated that bonus points, such as those that may be added to the final scores for small practices, helped increase scores for certain physicians who might otherwise be disadvantaged.

Eight stakeholders questioned whether the program helps to meaningfully improve quality of care or patient health outcomes.


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