MSSNY Pleads for Protection for Physicians

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For Immediate Release
April 6, 2020

MSSNY Pleads for Protection for Physicians

Statement attributable to:
Art Fougner, MD
President, Medical Society of the State of New York

“No one asked for this; yet here we are.”

“Now many of our physicians, especially Residents and Fellows, are being redeployed to what for them may be unchartered territory. It is in everyone’s best interests to ensure that these frontline troops enter the fray in optimal circumstances. MSSNY proposes the following for serious consideration:

1.  Appropriate and sufficient PPE per best practices

2.  Appropriate training

3. Appropriate support staff

4. A clearly designated chain of command

5.  Prompt access to testing and care should the need arise

6. Access to an appropriately designated decontamination station once off shift; OR

7. A safe, clean place to stay in isolation from family

8. Insurance coverage – Life, Health and Disability

9. Shield from administrative interference; AND

10. Full whistleblower immunity

11. Legal assistance in preparing MOLST, wills, etc.

12. Student loan forgiveness or mitigation programs

“Also, since this is a now recognized war, the equivalent of combat pay should be considered.”

“Most, if not all, of the above should also apply to two other groups of physicians – our young physicians in private practice, many also encumbered by considerable debt; and our employed physicians who face redeployment. These may be viewed as extraordinary requests—but these are extraordinary times.”


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