MSSNY Pulse: June 10, 2022

Message from MSSNY President Parag Mehta, MD:
MSSNY Celebrates Pride Month

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As we celebrate Pride Month in support of our LGBTQ+ community this month, I’d like to congratulate the Chair of MSSNY’s Infectious Disease Committee Dr. William Valenti. Tomorrow night in Chicago, the AMA Foundation Board of Directors will honor Dr Valenti with the 2021 Excellence in LGBTQ Health Award. This annual Excellence in Medicine awards program honors physicians who represent the highest values of altruism, compassion, and dedication to patient care.

Dr. William Valenti

Dr. Valenti epitomizes this care and was at the forefront of caring for patients early in the HIV/AIDS epidemic.   He has dedicated his entire career to groundbreaking, compassionate work in HIV/AIDS treatment, education, policy, and research since the early 1980’s when the first cases of HIV/AIDS began to appear, primarily in LGBTQ communities. In 1988, Dr. Valenti co-founded Community Health Network (CHN), now known as Trillium Health, and his network has become the national model of health care for HIV/AIDS treatment.  The Medical Society of the State of New York is humbled by Dr. Valenti’s service to his patients and is proud to call him our Infectious Disease Chair.

MSSNY was the first medical organization to form an AIDS Advisory Panel—now the Infectious Disease Committee—which has helped to develop policy on the state level that has led to the normalizing of medical procedures for the LGBTQ+ population.

The MSSNY Health Equity Committee presented “Health of Sexual and Gender Minorities,” led by Carl Streed, MD, at the annual House of Delegates meeting last month.  This CME program identified opportunities to meet health care needs and disparities in health care access and health care outcomes among SGM persons and examined minority stress as a contributor to health disparities.

MSSNY stands in support of our LGBTQ+ community.

Parag Mehta, MD
MSSNY President

MSSNY House of Delegates Highlights
Following are highlights of the actions of the 2022 MSSNY House of Delegates:

COVID Hazard Pay
The Medical Society of the State of New York will work with the American Medical Association and the federation of medicine to seek a state and/or federal program to provide hazard pay bonuses to physicians and other health care staff delivering care during a state and/or federal disaster emergency.

Minors Consent to Vaccination
The Medical Society of the State of New York will seek legislation to allow all adolescents aged 12 or older to independently consent to any FDA-approved vaccination without parental or guardian consent.

Requirements for COVID 19 Vaccination at NY Public Schools
The New York State Delegation to the American Medical Association will introduce a resolution at the AMA encouraging states to make COVID-19 vaccination a requirement for school attendance for children and college/university students once the FDA grants full approval for COVID-19 vaccination for all relevant age groups.

Updating the NYS Vaccination Requirements for College/University Students
The Medical Society of the State of New York supports a COVID-19 vaccine requirement for students attending colleges and universities in New York State.

Insurance Reform
MSSNY reaffirmed the following policies:

  • Carriers’ Failure to Obey PHL 4406-c (5A) Release of Fee Schedule
  • Time Limit for Retrospective Denials
  • Liability of Managed Care Entities as Well as Their Employees, Agents, Ostensible Agents and Representatives
  • We’re Mad as Hell and We aren’t Going to Take it Anymore
  • Insurance Companies Dis-enrollment of Participating Physicians

Protection of Peer Review
MSSNY will advocate through legislation or other legal means to overturn the court ruling in Siegel v. Snyder that inappropriately expanded the discovery of comments during peer review proceedings and re-affirmed MSSNY policies Peer Review Protection and Confidentiality of Documents Submitted to Peer Review Committee.

Creation of IMG Section and Minority Affairs Section
MSSNY will create an IMG Section and a Minority Affairs Section.

Sheltering From Unfair Health Insurance Practice
MSSNY will continue in its efforts to seek legislation, regulation, or other appropriate means to prohibit retrospective refund requests by health plans in all circumstances except fraud.  Short of achieving a complete ban on retrospective refund requests, MSSNY seek legislation, regulation, or other appropriate means to limit to 90 days the time within which a health plan can seek such a refund, or other significant restrictions on the ability of health plans to seek such refunds, such as limiting the time that a health plan can seek a refund to the same time that a physician has to file a claim with such health plan.

Medical Students and Residents Participate in Poster Symposium
The 15th Annual Poster Symposium, hosted by the Medical Society of the State of New York, took place on May 20 at the 2022 House of Delegates. Students and Residents from three categories (Medical Students, Clinical, and Vignettes) presented their research in posters and paper/oral presentations. Congratulations to Michael BrownAarti Maharaj, MD, and Suhali Kundu, MD, for taking home first prize in their categories. Below are additional results and photos.

Medical Students:

First Place: Michael Brown (New York Medical College)
“Effects of Adenosine on Lipid Accumulation in a Human Hepatoma Cell Culture Model When Challenged with Fatty Acid”

Second Place: Christopher Markantonis (New York Medical)
“Utility of Intravenous Alteplase and Mechanical Thrombectomy in Central Retinal Arterial Occlusions – A Nationwide Analysis”

Honorable Mention: Ankita Das (New York Medical College)
“Craniotomy for Infratentorial Meningioma is Associated with Increased Complications and Longer Length of Stay”

Honorable Mention: Nicholas Mui (New York Medical College)
“The Gut-Brain Connection: Inflammatory Bowel Disease Increases Risk of Acute Ischemic Stroke”

Honorable Mention: Lillian Xie (New York Medical College)
“Impact of Burn Injuries on Outcomes in Patients with Acute Ischemic Stroke – A Nationwide Propensity Score Analysis”

Clinical Medicine:

First Place: Aarti Maharaj, MD (Maimonides Medical Center)
“Trends and Outcomes of Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation for Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (Analysis of the National Inpatient Sample, 2010-2019)”

Second Place: Claudia Duarte, MD (Maimonides Medical Center) “Vancomycin Given Appropriately in Patients with Neutropenic Fever”

Honorable Mention: Jose Dominguez, MD (Westchester Medical Center) & Sima Vazquez, MS, (New York Medical College)
“Socioeconomic Characteristics of Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injury Patients”

Honorable Mention: Jason Hourizadeh, DO (St. Johns Riverside Hospital )
“Clinical Utility of Emergency Use Baricitinib in Adult Patients with Respiratory Failure due to COVID-19: Real-World Experience in Two Ethnically-Diverse Community Hospitals”

Honorable Mention: Soumya Shivashankar, MD (Montefiore Medical Center )
“Advance Directives (ADs) Can be Implemented in Patients with Heart Failure: A Quality Improvement (QI) Project”


First Place: Suhali Kundu, MD (Maimonides Medical Center)
“COVID-19 Pneumonia Reactivating Tuberculosis”

Second Place: Radhika Mehta, MD (SUNY Upstate Medical University)
“Case of Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia Secondary to Acute COVID-19 Infection”

Third Place: Marutha Arulthasan, MD (Maimonides Medical Center)
Multiple Pulmonary Nodules in a Patient with Multiple Sclerosis

Honorable Mention: Brent Boodhai, MD (Maimonides Medical Center) “Rapidly Growing Non-Tuberculous Mycobacterial Infection of a Prosthetic Hip Joint”

David Vozza Joins MSSNY as Outside General Counsel; Will Provide Discounted Rates to Members
David N. Vozza of Norris McLaughlin, P.A., has joined MSSNY as outside general counsel. Vozza concentrates his practice in health care litigation, regularly defending healthcare professionals in disciplinary and regulatory actions before federal and state agencies. He has experience working with physician clients in payor audits, fraud investigations, privileges, and general health care litigation. Vozza is a frequent speaker on important issues impacting health care employees at hospitals throughout New York State.

Norris McLaughlin P.A. is a regional law firm with offices in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. With over 120 attorneys practicing in multiple areas of law, including healthcare, Norris will serve as an exclusive benefit to MSSNY and its physician members, offering significantly discounted rates, free consultations, free coding reviews, and more.

AHA Violence Campaign
American Hospital Association’s Hospitals Against Violence framework helps hospital and health system leadership address the issues of violence in their workplaces, with an emphasis on educating and protecting the workforce.

Senate And Assembly Pass Several MSSNY-Supported Bills To Address Aberrant Health Insurer Practices
As reported last week, the State Legislature passed several important measures prior to the end of Session to help patients overcome health insurer restrictions that impose needless hassles interfering with obtaining needed treatment and prescription medications.  MSSNY strongly supported these bills and is urging Governor Hochul to sign these bills into law.

  • 879 (Gottfried)/S.8113 (Cleare) would prohibit a health insurer from denying a claim or pre-approval request for patient care unless the reviewing physician is board-certified or board eligible in the same or similar specialty as the physician who typically recommends the treatment or manages the condition that is under review. It would also require that the health plan’s reviewing physician have a New York license to practice medicine.
  • 1741-A (Gottfried)/S.5299-A (Rivera) would prohibit health insurers from preventing patients from using copay cards or coupons to help meet their often-enormous deductibles. Enactment of this legislation would help patients, particularly those on chronic medication therapies, to realize the full benefit of these discount cards and help them meet their deductible requirements earlier in a calendar year.  MSSNY has been working with several patient and physician advocacy groups to support this important legislation, including the American Cancer Society, the Multiple Sclerosis Society, and the Bleeding Disorders Coalition.  Read the joint press release here: Joint Press Release (
  • 3276 (Gunther)/S.5909 (Kaminsky) would prevent health insurers from imposing step therapy or fail first protocols on coverage for prescription medications to address patient mental health conditions. In 2016, MSSNY worked with several patient advocacy groups to enact a law that established strict criteria to better enable a physician, on behalf of their patient, to override a health insurer step therapy/fail first protocol.  This legislation would go further than the 2016 law, ensuring that these health insurer step therapy protocols would not apply to mental health medications in the first place.  Read MSSNY’s memo in support here: S5909-A3276 support (
  • 2085-A (Dinowitz)/S.906-B (Sanders) would lower the age to 45 for health insurers to cover recommended patient colorectal cancer screening tests, including a colonoscopy.

Physicians Urged to Request Governor Hochul to Veto De-Stabilizing Expansion of Wrongful Death Awards
All physicians are urged to contact Governor Hochul (Reject Expansion of Liability to request that she veto legislation (S.74-A, Hoylman/A.6770, Weinstein) that could greatly increase physician medical liability premiums by significantly expanding the types of damages awardable in a wrongful death action. The bill was passed over the strenuous opposition of numerous and varied groups, including MSSNY, specialty societies, hospital associations, FQHCs, the Business Council of New York, medical liability and property & casualty insurers, The New York State Association of Counties, and the New York Conference of Mayors.

Specifically, the legislation would increase the already expansive damages awardable in such actions to include compensation for grief or anguish, the loss of love and companionship, loss of services and support, and the loss of nurture and guidance. One actuarial study has suggested that this bill has the potential to increase New York’s already outrageously high medical liability premiums by nearly 40%.

MSSNY has argued that legislation like this should only be considered in the context of a comprehensive effort to address New York’s excessive liability costs. While some advocates claim that over 40 states have laws that permit recoveries similar to what is proposed in this legislation, they do not mention that most of these other states have adopted provisions to contain excessive medical liability insurance costs, including limits on damages. New York has no such law, which is why our medical liability insurance and payout costs far exceed every other state in the country. This is one of the major reasons why New York regularly receives the dubious distinction of being one of the worst states in the country to be a doctor (Best & Worst States for Doctors (

Again, please contact Governor Hochul here: Reject Expansion of Liability ( to make sure that we #DontChasePhysiciansOutofNY.

MSSNY Quoted in Crain’s End of Session Article
Crain’s New York Business (6/7, Kaufman, Neber) reports New York “state lawmakers took action on a wide swath of health care access and affordability issues in the legislative session, which ended Saturday after an overtime marathon of votes in the Assembly.” Several measures “approved by both houses this session took aim at administrative practices by health care providers and insurance carriers that opponents say drive up medical costs for patients and employers.” Medical Society of the State of New York President Parag Mehta, MD, “said in a statement that the legislative session was a ‘mixed bag.’” Dr. Mehta “cited several bills that he said would reduce ‘excessive hassles’ in accessing medical care and prescription drugs, but shared concerns of ‘huge adverse consequences’ from a bill, A.6770/S.74-A, to expand damages permitted in wrongful death actions.”

MSSNY Announces an Updated Podcast on Monkeypox

Did you know there are now more than 1,000 monkeypox cases worldwide?  MSSNY will keep you current on the everchanging landscape of infectious diseases.  Dr. William Valenti, chair of MSSNY’s Infectious Diseases Committee has recorded an update podcast on the monkeypox outbreak currently spreading globally.  Listen here to learn more about changes in this infectious outbreak.  And as always, stay posted for more information as the situation unfolds.

Photos show what a monkeypox rash looks like,
and how it progresses over time.

a) early vesicle,
3mm diameter

b) small pustule,
2mm dimeter

c) umbilicated postule,
3-4 mm diameter

d) ulcerated lesion,
5mm diameter

e) crusting of a mature

f) partially removed scab

New CPT Codes Added to Prior Authorization List for UnitedHealthcare Commercial Plans
Starting September 1st select United plans will have new CPT codes that now require prior authorization. Please ensure your staff is aware of this update.

Plans include:

River Valley
Neighborhood Health Partnership
UHC West
MidAtlantic Health Plans
Oxford HealthPlan
UnitedHealthcare Individual and Family Plans (IFP)

The following codes will be added to the prior authorization list effective Sept. 1, 2022:

The Relationship Between Medicine & Government During a Public Health Emergency
The COVID-19 pandemic has illuminated many intricacies in the relationship between government and medicine.  Learn more about EUA’s, the Incident Command System (ICS), and executive orders by registering for “The Relationship Between Medicine & Government During a Public Health Emergency” on June 15 at 7:30 a.m.  Wajiha Kazmi, Esq., attorney at New York State Department of Health, with serve as faculty for this webinar.
Educational objectives are:

  • Examine the role of executive orders during a public health emergency.
  • Discuss emergency use authorizations (EUA’s) and how they expedite resolution of public health emergencies.
  • Analyze the Incident Command System (ICS) and its relevance to planning and preparing for a public health emergency.
  • Illustrate and define the relationship between medicine and government during a public health emergency.

Nuclear Radiation & Chemical Agents: An Update
Did you know that effects of radiation exposure can show up within a few hours or within a few months depending on the extent of exposure?  Additionally, while treaties are in place prohibiting the use of chemical weapons and calling for the destruction of stockpiles, it is unknown how many of these weapons of mass destruction remain.  To learn more, register for “Nuclear Radiation & Chemical Agents: An Updateon June 22 at 7:30a.m.  Arthur Cooper, MD will serve as faculty for this webinar.

Additional information or assistance with registration may be obtained by contacting Melissa Hoffman at

The Medical Society of the State of New York is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) to provide continuing medical education for physicians.

The Medical Society of the State of New York designates this live activity for a maximum of 1.0 AMA PRA Category 1 credits™.  Physicians should claim only the credit commensurate with the extent of their participation in the activity.

Why Sign Something You May Regret?
As we reach the end of the fiscal year, contracts are expiring, and you might be wondering about your current agreement. A physician-founded and physician-driven company, Resolve is bringing change to employment contracts by providing data and transparency into the physician market. Using the most accurate data on compensation and other contract terms sourced from actual contracts, Resolve delivers the insights and expertise to help physicians negotiate for what they truly deserve and take control of their careers. Members of MSSNY are entitled to exclusive member pricing with Resolve. Please visit their website for more information.

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Office Space To Share / Financial District NYC.
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A block away from the South Street Seaport. Easy access to office Central hub for all subway lines (A, C, 2, 3, 4, 5, J, Z, E), a quick walk from NJ path train.

Beautifully renovated, 1,300 sq ft. modern space. Available Monday, Wednesday, Friday and weekends.

Private rooms with pocket doors. Access to building 24/7, security/door man in the lobby, very safe. Daily rate $450. Contact (917) 514-1299 text/call.

Medical Office for Share in Medical Park with Free Big Parking Lot in Westchester County
Medical office for sublet in Medical Park with free big parking lot, located at West Harrison, border of White Plains in Westchester County. Office includes a big waiting room with a kitchen, doctors office, exam room, and reception area. All rooms are available for whole days of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday, Thursday (Thursday full day on every 1st and 3rd week and Thursday morning on every 2nd and 4th week each month, or we can discuss more options). Monthly rent $600 for once a week usage, $1100 for twice a week usage, $1500 for three-day a week usage. Newly renovated and fully furnished. Text May if you are interested 646-338-4803

Board Certified Internal or Family Medicine Physician
Join our caring team and our mission to provide the highest standard of healthcare to each of our patients. Medical office in Eastern Nassau County looking a for a hard-working, responsible Physician to join our team.

Responsibilities include care for, diagnosing and managing patients.

Please send Curriculum Vitae to

MANHATTAN MEDICAL SUITE FOR SALE –Prestigious Coop on 45 East 62nd St. between Madison & Park!!
This approximately 1100 square foot medical suite has a grand reception area that is large enough for 2 or 3 people to work from. There is an additional nook area currently used for paper chart files that could also be utilized to update charts online or for bookkeeping.  The waiting room has approximately 10 ft ceilings and a marble fireplace. The mahogany veneered office also has high ceilings. The reception area and hallway have a drop ceiling that was installed to accommodate duct work for air conditioning.  There are 1.5 bathrooms. Medical equipment is also available for sale. The property needs a cosmetic renovation update.

To schedule a showing: or Call: Melissa Alonso with Nestseekers International: 646.403.7311

IDEAL LOCATION: 45 East 62nd – Prime Lennox Hill
PRICE: $1,100,000 with 50% Financing Permitted
Monthly Maintenance: $4775

Medical Office for Rent (Poughkeepsie) and Share (Tuckahoe)
Poughkeepsie Office Suite 1100+ sq ft, w/ five office consult-exam rooms, waiting and receptionist area, restroom & private restroom, 1 block away from MidHudson Regional Hospital. Tuckahoe office 2 1500+ sqft suites for share, 3 exam rooms with procedure room, storage room. 1 block away from train station.

Please call or text 646-302-3085 or email

Medical Office Suite for Rent (Downtown, New York City) – Ready to Move In!
On Canal Street, NYC : near Mulberry and Mott Street. Busy area near Subways. In a professional 7day/week concierge building . Office Suite 1002+ sq ft, beautiful & bright w/ five office consult-exam rooms, Spacious waiting and receptionist area, utility room & private restroom. MUST SEE! Please Call for showing at: 917-378-2699 or email: Ask for Sammie.

Rendr – Transforming Healthcare – Leadership Opportunity: Associate Chief Medical Office, SVP of Population Health, Bilingual English and Chinese (Mandarin or Cantonese) preferred Job Position: Associate Chief Medical Office, SVP of Population Health in this role, you will lead and provide a wide range of support through population health, quality measures, practice transformation, Rendr360 department, House Calls, and other projects. Please send resumes We are offering leadership opportunities to Physicians who are interested in providing high-quality clinical care to our patients in the diverse communities that we serve. As a rapidly growing network, we provide a supportive environment for our physicians to practice medicineunder the guidance of dedicated medical leadership.

Board Certified Cardiologist Position
Exceptional private practice cardiology employment opportunity. Manhattan Cardiology is a state-of-the-art cardiology practice located in the heart of Midtown Manhattan. The position is 100% outpatient cardiology with minimal call and excellent compensation structure and benefits. The practice is looking to add an enthusiastic and hardworking cardiologist to join our team.

Board certification is preferred in general cardiology, echocardiography, and ideally RPVI.

Job Type: Full Time with a very competitive salary and excellent benefits awaits the qualified candidate.

Please send resumes to

Board Certified Internal or Family Medicine Physician
Be a part of our care team and join our mission to provide the highest standard of healthcare to each one of our patients. Medical Offices of Manhattan is looking for a full time enthusiastic, hard-working and responsible Board-Certified Internal or Family Medicine Physician.

Responsibilities include caring for, diagnosing and managing patients. Board certification is a must. The position is 100% outpatient with minimal call and an excellent salary with benefits.

Please send resumes to

Physician Assistant/Nurse Practitioner
A growing multispecialty practice in Manhattan, Medical Offices of Manhattan and Manhattan Cardiology is seeking for an enthusiastic, hardworking Board Certified Physician Assistant or Nurse Practitioner.

Responsibilities include caring for, diagnosing, and managing patients in both the primary care and cardiology setting. The Physician Assistant or Nurse Practitioner will collaborate with the team in diagnosing and creating plans for each patient.

The position is 100% outpatient with minimal call and excellent salary with benefits.

Please send resumes to

GI Physician Assistant/Nurse Practitioner
Medical Offices of Manhattan, a multi-specialty medical office is seeking for immediate hiring for an experienced and hardworking GI Physician Assistant.

Responsibilities includes managing Adult Gastroenterology patients with varying disease processes, including but not limited to GERD, IBD, bowel pattern changes, abdominal pain, and diseases related to the liver, pancreas, GI tract, and gallbladder; develops, implements, and manages therapeutic treatment regimens in collaboration with the Gastroenterologists and must possess excellent communication skills, with a focus on a team approach to patient-centered care

The position is 100% outpatient with minimal call and excellent salary with benefits.

Please send resumes to

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
Medical Offices of Manhattan, a multi-specialty medical office is seeking our newest team member, a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner to join our fast-growing team of mental health professionals.

Responsibilities includes managing both complex psychiatric and common medical problems, assess and diagnose illness states and initiate psychotropic medication (as needed) and other therapeutic interventions and collaborate with the team in diagnosing and creating plans for each patient.

The position is 100% outpatient with minimal call and excellent salary with benefits.

Please send resumes to

In Network Registered Dietician
A growing multispecialty practice in Manhattan, Medical Offices of Manhattan is seeking an In Network Registered Dietician to join our care team for immediate need.

Responsibilities includes but not limited to conducting nutritional assessment, developing and implementing patient specific care plans and recommending nutrition care plans to patients as well as recommending therapeutic diet modifications and /or supplemental feedings to patients. Must have a degree in Nutrition or Dietetics, should be RD license, Registration by the Commission on Registration (CDR) as a Registered Dietitian (RD) in New York State plus specialized certifications as needed.

The position is 100% outpatient with excellent salary with benefits.

Please send resumes to

Board Certified Gastroenterologist Position:
Exceptional private practice gastroenterologist employment opportunity. Medical Offices of Manhattan, a multi-specialty medical office is seeking for immediate hiring for a board certified, experienced and hardworking Gastroenterologist.

Responsibilities includes managing Adult Gastroenterology patients with varying disease processes, including but not limited to GERD, IBD, bowel pattern changes, abdominal pain, and diseases related to the liver, pancreas, GI tract, and gallbladder; develops, implements, and manages therapeutic treatment regimens and must possess excellent communication skills, with a focus on a team approach to patient-centered care

The position is 100% outpatient with minimal call and excellent salary with benefits.

Please send resumes to