MSSNY Pulse: July 8, 2022

Message from MSSNY President Parag Mehta, MD:
Help Fight Our Looming Malpractice Crisis

Physicians are facing a potential disastrous rise of up to 40% in malpractice rates as a result of a wrongful death bill passed by the State Legislature.  We need all New York State physicians to urge the Governor to veto the disastrous wrongful death expansion bill.  Use our Grassroots link to contact Governor Hochul directly. [See full story in Advocacy Highlights section below]

In good news for our patients, Aetna no longer requires prior authorization for cataract surgeries, a controversial policy the payer adopted a year ago. Aetna is also rolling back prior authorization requirements for video EEGs and home infusion for some drugs. MSSNY welcomes these decisions and hopes we can continue to take such actions to reduce unnecessary obstacles in patient care. [see MSSNY’s press statement in story further down in Pulse).

Last week, I attended the Richmond County (RCMS) and Westchester County (WCMS) Annual Meetings. Congratulations and welcome to Dr. Brian McMahon and Dr. Melissa Grageda from RCMS and Dr. Jeffrey Jacobson and Dr. Bruce Molinelli from WCMS. WCMS honored Dr. Sherlita Amler, Commissioner of the Westchester DOH and Dr. John Lombado as CMO of MLMIC. Troy Oechsner gave detailed updates on MSSNY activities.

Gun violence remains in the news as we lost 7 lives in Highland Park, Illinois on Independence Day and today when the Past Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe was killed. Our heartfelt sympathy to the community in Highland Park and to the people of Japan.

This week, more than 75 health care organizations released a joint statement in opposition to legislative interference.

As we observe Disability Pride Month and Minority Health Awareness Week, we celebrate the appointment of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson as she makes history as the US Supreme Court’s first Black woman justice. Her appointment is essential for our nation’s move towards equity and justice for all. And congratulations to MSSNY’s Dr. Tracey Straker, who has just been named Chairwoman of the White House National Committee on Foreign Medical Education and Accreditation.And finally, I am starting a wellness corner to share ideas and approaches for wellness. Developing a daily gratitude practice—including noticing and reflecting on what you are thankful for—is beneficial to your health and wellbeing.  As Sheryl Sandberg says, “finding gratitude and appreciation is key to resilience. People who take the time to list things they are grateful for are happier and healthier.” I am thankful to be surrounded by caring friends and mentors who guide me in my journey to serve my patients, community, and organized medicine. What are you thankful for? Please share your thoughts about gratitude and wellness at

Parag Mehta, MD
MSSNY President

NYS Department of Health Launches Survey to Gauge Patient Experience with Telehealth Visits
The use of Telehealth services for patient visits with physicians exploded at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic and provided access to medical care to millions of New Yorkers from across the state. To better understand the patient experience, the NYS Department of Health’s (DOH) Office of Health Insurance Programs (OHIP) has teamed up with the Offices of Addiction Services & Support (OASAS), Mental Health (OMH), Children and Family Services (OCFS), and the Office for People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) to conduct the Telehealth Consumer Survey.

The survey is available in 11 languages – Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, English, Haitian-Creole, Italian, Korean, Polish, Russian, Spanish, and Yiddish – and only takes approximately five minutes to fill out. Additionally, physicians and other providers can access printable Portable Document Format (PDF) flyers to handout, place in waiting rooms and offices for patients, and to share. The flyer, which contains an easy-to-scan QR code, is also available in 11 languages.

All NYS residents, whether they have used telehealth services or not, are encouraged to complete the survey and the results will be used to inform future Telehealth policy development within New York State. The deadline to take the survey is Monday, August 1, 2022 and physicians and other providers are being asked to encourage their patients to complete the survey.

To directly access the survey and flyers, visit the NYS DOH “Telehealth Consumer Survey” web page.

All questions regarding the Telehealth Consumer Survey should be sent to the NYS DOH at

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MSSNY Free Webinar: Introduction to Unconscious Bias for the Health Professions
MSSNY is pleased to host a free webinar entitled Introduction to Unconscious Bias for the Health Professions on Tuesday, July 19th at 7:30 a.m. Penny Stern, MD, MPH, FACPM, FACOEM, will present this program for MSSNY. The objectives of this webinar are to:

  • Understand the science of unconscious bias\identify how bias and the processes of the unconscious mind can impact critical decisions
  • Become aware of your own background and its impact on your perceptions so you are better able to advocate for inclusion on your team
  • Apply new strategies for practicing conscious awareness individually and organizationally

Register now to learn more about the science of unconscious bias and the ways in which it affects nearly every interaction.

Exploration of Race and Ethnicity, Sex, Sport-Related Concussion, Depression History, and Suicide Attempts in US Youth
A JAMA study published on July 1 explores race and ethnicity, sex, sport-related concussion, depression history, and suicide attempts in US Youth. Up to 3.2 million adolescents annually experience a concussion in the United States of America. A concussion is a traumatically induced disturbance of brain function that involves a complex pathophysiological process affecting physical, emotional, cognitive, and sleep-related functions. Approximately 30% to 39% of adolescents with concussions experience prolonged symptoms that can impair daily functioning and overall well-being. Racial and ethnic disparities exist in concussion knowledge, care-seeking, reporting, and management, and racial and ethnic disparities in mental health awareness, the incidence of depression, and treatment are well known.Sex also plays a moderating role in concussion, depression, and suicide attempts, as female adolescents attempt suicide at significantly higher rates than males. In comparison, males experience concussions at higher rates than females. It is difficult to estimate the rate at which concussions and suicide attempts occur for each race and ethnicity because of sample-size limitations of previous studies, differences among racial and ethnic groups in reporting behaviors, and discrepancies in the diagnosis of concussions among races and ethnicities.

The primary purpose of this study was to examine the associations of concussion history, race and ethnicity, and sex with reported suicide attempts among adolescents between 2017 and 2019. Specifically, this study sought to describe the rates of concussion history and suicide attempts within the previous year by race and ethnicity, stratified by sex. The authors hypothesized that concussion history would significantly moderate race, ethnicity, and sex associations with suicide attempts. Use logistic regression models to assess the associations of concussion history, race and ethnicity, and sex with the likelihood of suicide attempts after adjusting for depression history and using a data-mining algorithm to evaluate the interaction of concussion history, race and ethnicity, and sex in the likelihood of suicide attempt after adjusting for depression history.

Exploration of Race and Ethnicity, Sex, Sport-Related Concussion, Depression History, and Suicide Attempts in US Youth (JAMA, 7/1, Eagle).

AMA Statement on Paxlovid Prescribing
The following Statement is attributable to:

Jack Resneck, Jr. M.D.
President, American Medical Association

“Paxlovid is an important treatment and critical tool in the fight against COVID-19. While the majority of COVID-19 positive patients will benefit from Paxlovid, it is not for everyone and prescribing it requires knowledge of a patient’s medical history, as well as clinical monitoring for side effects and follow-up care to determine whether a patient is improving—requirements far beyond a pharmacist’s scope and training.

“In the fight against a virus that has killed more than a million people in the United States and is still extremely present and transmissible, patients will get the best, most comprehensive care from physician-led teams—teams that include pharmacists. But, whenever possible, prescribing decisions should be made by a physician with knowledge of a patient’s medical history and the ability to follow up. To ensure the best possible care for COVID-19 patients, we urge people who test positive to discuss treatment options with their physician, if they have one.”

Save the Date: NYS Hepatitis C and Drug User Health Conference
The 2022 Annual New York State Hepatitis C and Drug User Health Conference will be hosted virtually on September 21 and 22, 2022.This conference is intended for New York State medical providers including physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, certified nurse midwives, dentists and pharmacists. It is offered free of charge. Please contact Lauren Walker for more information.

Passing of Alliance Past President
It is with sadness that the Alliance with the Medical Society of the State of New York announces the passing of Past President Jean Fazio (Richmond County) on June 16.  Jean is the spouse of long-time MSSNY member Richard Fazio, MD. Jean was a good friend and supporter of the State Alliance and the Richmond County Alliance.  She held many positions within the County, including Richmond County President.  Since 2017, she had been serving as the State Alliance’s Director of Finance.  A donation to the Physicians Home will be made in Jean’s memory.  Our thoughts are with Dr. Fazio and his family.

AMIDON, Joel P.; Blossvale NY.  Died June 04, 2022, age 84.  Medical Society County of Oneida

BERLIN, Bruce H.; Northport NY.  Died September 01, 2020, age 66.  Suffolk County Medical Society

PEACHEY, John Charles; Rochester NY.  Died January 20, 2022, age 93.  Monroe County Medical Society

PERLMUTTER, Steven; Sayville NY.  Died September 10, 2020, age 74.  Suffolk County Medical Society

Please Help to Prevent Drastic Increases in Your Liability Premiums!
Physicians are continued to be urged to contact Governor Hochul Reject Expansion of Liability ( to request that she veto legislation (S.74-A, Hoylman/A.6770, Weinstein) that could cause drastic increases in physician medical liability premiums by significantly expanding the types of damages awardable in a wrongful death action. The bill was passed over the strenuous opposition of numerous and varied groups, including MSSNY, specialty societies, hospital associations, FQHCs, the Business Council of New York, medical liability and property & casualty insurers, The New York State Association of Counties, and the New York Conference of Mayors.

Specifically, the legislation would increase the already expansive damages awardable in such actions to include compensation for grief or anguish, the loss of love and companionship, loss of services and support, and the loss of nurture and guidance. One actuarial study has suggested that this bill has the potential to increase New York’s already outrageously high medical liability premiums by over 30%.

MSSNY has argued that legislation like this should only be considered in the context of a comprehensive effort to address New York’s excessive liability costs, which are likely to be increased for the 2022-23 policy year even without the enactment of this legislation. While some advocates claim that over 40 states have laws that permit recoveries similar to what is proposed in this legislation, they do not mention that most of these other states have adopted provisions to contain excessive medical liability insurance costs, including limits on damages. New York has no such law, which is why our medical liability insurance and payout costs far exceed every other state in the country. This is one of the major reasons why New York regularly receives the dubious distinction of being one of the worst states in the country to be a doctor.

Again, please contact Governor Hochul here: Reject Expansion of Liability ( to make sure that we #DontChasePhysiciansOutofNY

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MSSNY President Dr. Mehta Quoted in Daily Gazette/The Recorder/Leader Herald Article Regarding SCOTUS Roe v. Wade Ruling
An article appearing in three publications entitled “Anger and joy at Supreme Court abortion ruling” gathered quotes from state officials regarding the overturning of Roe v. Wade. MSSNY President Parag Mehta stated, “Today’s decision creates a new, unacceptable reality that allows physicians and other health care providers to be punished for providing needed care to their patients. Abortion is a medical procedure and should not be criminalized. We must make sure our patients have access to the healthcare they need.”

MSSNY Immediate Past President, Dr. Joseph Sellers Quoted in SCOTUS Vaccine Decision
The Time Union article “New York’s Vaccine Mandate for Health Care Workers Dodges Supreme Court Review.” explains the decision of the Supreme Court not to overturn New York’s vaccine mandate for healthcare workers. Quoted immediate past president of the Medical Society of the State of New York, Joseph R. Sellers, “These vaccination requirements are essential to protecting public health, particularly the immunocompromised, the elderly, and those too young to receive the vaccination,” he said in a statement. “No major religious denomination opposes vaccinations, and the (U.S.) Supreme Court has for over 100 years upheld vaccination requirements to protect the public health. Moreover, it has proven very effective at significantly raising the vaccination rate of health care workers.”

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MSSNY Announces Two Podcasts on Monkeypox
Dr. William Valenti, chair of MSSNY’s Infectious Diseases Committee has recorded two podcasts on the monkeypox outbreak currently spreading globally. Listen here to learn more about this infectious outbreak. And listen here for the brief update recorded on June 8th.

Photos show what a monkeypox rash looks like,
and how it progresses over time.

a) early vesicle,
3mm diameter

b) small pustule,
2mm dimeter

c) umbilicated postule,
3-4 mm diameter

d) ulcerated lesion,
5mm diameter

e) crusting of a mature

f) partially removed scab

Also be sure to mark August 16th @ 7:30am on your calendar for Medical Matters: “Monkeypox: An Evolving Story”. Keep an eye on MSSNY Pulse for further information on this webinar.

MSSNY Applauds Aetna Decision to Suspend Preauthorization for Cataract Surgery
MSSNY and the New York State Ophthalmological Society (NYSOS) issued a press release applauding the announcement from Aetna that it will rescind its preauthorization requirement for cataract surgery. The new policy went into effect on Friday, July 1, 2022.

“Aetna’s decision to forego preauthorization for cataract surgeries will give patients greater access to a life-changing procedure,” said MSSNY President Dr. Parag Mehta.  MSSNY urges other insurers to follow their lead.”

Excessive preauthorization hassles continue to be a major impediment to patient care. In early February, the American Medical Association (AMA) released an updated survey which showed that more than 9 in 10 physicians (93%) reported care delays while waiting for health insurers to authorize necessary care, and 82% said patients abandon treatment due to authorization struggles with health insurers. Moreover, more than half (51%) of physicians reported that preauthorization had interfered with a patient’s job responsibilities, and more than one-third (34%) of physicians reported that preauthorization led to a serious adverse event such as hospitalization, disability, or even death, for a patient in their care.

MSSNY, NYSOS and virtually all physician organizations in this state have strongly supported multiple pieces of legislation to reduce excessive health insurer hassles, including legislation (S.8299, Breslin/A.9908, McDonald) that will exempt health care providers from preauthorization requirements if their authorization requests are regularly approved, and legislation (A.7129, Gottfried/S.6435, Breslin) that would eliminate the need for repeat preauthorization requirements once it has been approved for a patient.

Connect with the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services and National Government Services on July 12, 2022
Join Heather Lopez, MSSNY’s Director of Physician Payment & Practice, an expert in practice management, billing, and reimbursement on Tuesday, July 12, 2022, at 6 pm for the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services and National Government Services’ open agenda meeting.  Members are encouraged to participate and open a direct communication line with policymakers that otherwise can be difficult to reach.

NYS Provider Webinar: Updated COVID-19 Vaccine Clinical Guidance for Vaccinating Individuals 6 Months-11 years old
Last week’s NYS Provider Webinar titled “UPDATED COVID vaccine clinical guidance for vaccinating individuals 6 months-11 years old” was a great success.  For your continued reference, this webinar was recorded and is available here: Provider Webinar offered a high-level summary of the most recent changes to COVID-19 vaccine authorization through the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), including COVID-19 vaccine approvals for those 6 months-11 years old.  This presentation also shared details regarding the vaccine options for various age groups and described resources that will support your role in administering the COVID-19 vaccine to your patient population.

Moderna Webinars for Healthcare Providers on Pediatric COVID-19 Vaccine
Join Moderna for one of their upcoming webinars detailing important label updates to the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine. You may register for the webinars here.  If you would like to attend more than one webinar, please register for each date separately. Each one-hour webinar will cover the same topics.

  • Tuesday, July 12 at 2PM
  • Tuesday, July 19 at 12PM

MSSNY Job Board
Members have access to the MSSNY Job Board. Whether you are looking for the next step in your career or looking for your next hire, we have you covered!

Classified Ads Available for:

Physicians’ search services • allied medical placements • locum tenens • practice valuation • practice brokerage • practice consulting • real estate

For help, information or to place your ad, call Roseann Raia at 516-488-6100
ext. 302

For the MSSNY 2022 Ad RateSheet, please click here.

Recruiting for Full or Part time (20 hours per week Chief of Medical Services).  Salary is negotiable.
Oversees and directs the planning, implementation, and supervision of health and medical services for residents at the NYS Veterans Home at St Albans. Develops, implements, and evaluates medical treatment standards and procedures; and provides technical and operational guidance and direction to medical and health care staff. Serves as a medical consultant and liaison; and develops recommendations for medical assessments, treatments, and care. Implements and monitors contract agreements and the provision of contracted medical and health related services. Participates in program audits and reviews. Supervises the credentialing and privileging process to ensure that medical staff possess appropriate credentials and maintain appropriate levels of continuing education; and participates in the development of recruitment programs and hiring and selection processes. Provides clinical and administrative supervision and guidance to physicians and other health care professionals.  Possession of a license and current registration to practice medicine in New York State and six years of post-licensure medical practice experience, two years of which must have been in an administrative or supervisory capacity. Must be fully COVID 19 vaccinated.

Send CV to:

Office Space To Share / Financial District NYC.
111 John St., Ste 1460, NYC 10038 (between Cliff & Pearl St.)
A block away from the South Street Seaport. Easy access to office Central hub for all subway lines (A, C, 2, 3, 4, 5, J, Z, E), a quick walk from NJ path train.

Beautifully renovated, 1,300 sq ft. modern space. Available Monday, Wednesday, Friday and weekends.

Private rooms with pocket doors. Access to building 24/7, security/door man in the lobby, very safe. Daily rate $450. Contact (917) 514-1299 text/call.

Medical Office for Share in Medical Park with Free Big Parking Lot in Westchester County
Medical office for sublet in Medical Park with free big parking lot, located at West Harrison, border of White Plains in Westchester County. Office includes a big waiting room with a kitchen, doctors office, exam room, and reception area. All rooms are available for whole days of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday, Thursday (Thursday full day on every 1st and 3rd week and Thursday morning on every 2nd and 4th week each month, or we can discuss more options). Monthly rent $600 for once a week usage, $1100 for twice a week usage, $1500 for three-day a week usage. Newly renovated and fully furnished. Text May if you are interested 646-338-4803

Board Certified Internal or Family Medicine Physician
Join our caring team and our mission to provide the highest standard of healthcare to each of our patients. Medical office in Eastern Nassau County looking a for a hard-working, responsible Physician to join our team.

Responsibilities include care for, diagnosing and managing patients.

Please send Curriculum Vitae to

MANHATTAN MEDICAL SUITE FOR SALE –Prestigious Coop on 45 East 62nd St. between Madison & Park!!
This approximately 1100 square foot medical suite has a grand reception area that is large enough for 2 or 3 people to work from. There is an additional nook area currently used for paper chart files that could also be utilized to update charts online or for bookkeeping. The waiting room has approximately 10 ft ceilings and a marble fireplace. The mahogany veneered office also has high ceilings. The reception area and hallway have a drop ceiling that was installed to accommodate duct work for air conditioning. There are 1.5 bathrooms. Medical equipment is also available for sale. The property needs a cosmetic renovation update.

To schedule a showing: or Call: Melissa Alonso with Nestseekers International: 646.403.7311

IDEAL LOCATION: 45 East 62nd – Prime Lennox Hill
PRICE: $1,100,000 with 50% Financing Permitted
Monthly Maintenance: $4775

Medical Office for Rent (Poughkeepsie) and Share (Tuckahoe)
Poughkeepsie Office Suite 1100+ sq ft, w/ five office consult-exam rooms, waiting and receptionist area, restroom & private restroom, 1 block away from MidHudson Regional Hospital. Tuckahoe office 2 1500+ sqft suites for share, 3 exam rooms with procedure room, storage room. 1 block away from train station.

Please call or text 646-302-3085 or email

Medical Office Suite for Rent (Downtown, New York City) – Ready to Move In!
On Canal Street, NYC : near Mulberry and Mott Street. Busy area near Subways. In a professional 7day/week concierge building . Office Suite 1002+ sq ft, beautiful & bright w/ five office consult-exam rooms, Spacious waiting and receptionist area, utility room & private restroom. MUST SEE! Please Call for showing at: 917-378-2699 or email: Ask for Sammie.

Rendr – Transforming Healthcare – Leadership Opportunity: Associate Chief Medical Office, SVP of Population Health, Bilingual English and Chinese (Mandarin or Cantonese) preferred
Job Position: Associate Chief Medical Office, SVP of Population Health in this role, you will lead and provide a wide range of support through population health, quality measures, practice transformation, Rendr360 department, House Calls, and other projects. Please send resumes We are offering leadership opportunities to Physicians who are interested in providing high-quality clinical care to our patients in the diverse communities that we serve. As a rapidly growing network, we provide a supportive environment for our physicians to practice medicine under the guidance of dedicated medical leadership.

Board Certified Cardiologist Position
Exceptional private practice cardiology employment opportunity. Manhattan Cardiology is a state-of-the-art cardiology practice located in the heart of Midtown Manhattan. The position is 100% outpatient cardiology with minimal call and excellent compensation structure and benefits. The practice is looking to add an enthusiastic and hardworking cardiologist to join our team.

Board certification is preferred in general cardiology, echocardiography, and ideally RPVI.

Job Type: Full Time with a very competitive salary and excellent benefits awaits the qualified candidate.

Please send resumes to

Board Certified Internal or Family Medicine Physician
Be a part of our care team and join our mission to provide the highest standard of healthcare to each one of our patients. Medical Offices of Manhattan is looking for a full time enthusiastic, hard-working and responsible Board-Certified Internal or Family Medicine Physician.

Responsibilities include caring for, diagnosing and managing patients. Board certification is a must. The position is 100% outpatient with minimal call and an excellent salary with benefits.

Please send resumes to

Physician Assistant/Nurse Practitioner
A growing multispecialty practice in Manhattan, Medical Offices of Manhattan and Manhattan Cardiology is seeking for an enthusiastic, hardworking Board Certified Physician Assistant or Nurse Practitioner.

Responsibilities include caring for, diagnosing, and managing patients in both the primary care and cardiology setting. The Physician Assistant or Nurse Practitioner will collaborate with the team in diagnosing and creating plans for each patient.

The position is 100% outpatient with minimal call and excellent salary with benefits.

Please send resumes to

GI Physician Assistant/Nurse Practitioner
Medical Offices of Manhattan, a multi-specialty medical office is seeking for immediate hiring for an experienced and hardworking GI Physician Assistant.

Responsibilities includes managing Adult Gastroenterology patients with varying disease processes, including but not limited to GERD, IBD, bowel pattern changes, abdominal pain, and diseases related to the liver, pancreas, GI tract, and gallbladder; develops, implements, and manages therapeutic treatment regimens in collaboration with the Gastroenterologists and must possess excellent communication skills, with a focus on a team approach to patient-centered care

The position is 100% outpatient with minimal call and excellent salary with benefits.

Please send resumes to

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
Medical Offices of Manhattan, a multi-specialty medical office is seeking our newest team member, a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner to join our fast-growing team of mental health professionals.

Responsibilities includes managing both complex psychiatric and common medical problems, assess and diagnose illness states and initiate psychotropic medication (as needed) and other therapeutic interventions and collaborate with the team in diagnosing and creating plans for each patient.

The position is 100% outpatient with minimal call and excellent salary with benefits.

Please send resumes to

In Network Registered Dietician
A growing multispecialty practice in Manhattan, Medical Offices of Manhattan is seeking an In Network Registered Dietician to join our care team for immediate need.

Responsibilities includes but not limited to conducting nutritional assessment, developing and implementing patient specific care plans and recommending nutrition care plans to patients as well as recommending therapeutic diet modifications and /or supplemental feedings to patients. Must have a degree in Nutrition or Dietetics, should be RD license, Registration by the Commission on Registration (CDR) as a Registered Dietitian (RD) in New York State plus specialized certifications as needed.

The position is 100% outpatient with excellent salary with benefits.

Please send resumes to

Board Certified Gastroenterologist Position:
Exceptional private practice gastroenterologist employment opportunity. Medical Offices of Manhattan, a multi-specialty medical office is seeking for immediate hiring for a board certified, experienced and hardworking Gastroenterologist.

Responsibilities includes managing Adult Gastroenterology patients with varying disease processes, including but not limited to GERD, IBD, bowel pattern changes, abdominal pain, and diseases related to the liver, pancreas, GI tract, and gallbladder; develops, implements, and manages therapeutic treatment regimens and must possess excellent communication skills, with a focus on a team approach to patient-centered care

The position is 100% outpatient with minimal call and excellent salary with benefits.

Please send resumes to