Council Meeting – June 18, 2015

Council Meeting
June 18, 2015 at 9:00 a.m.
Long Island Marriott
101 James Doolittle Blvd.
Uniondale, NY 11553

A. Call to Order and Roll Call

B. Approval of the Council Minutes of May 3, 2015

C. New Business (All New Action & Informational Items)

1. President’s Report:
a. Approval of the 2015 HOD Resolutions referred to Council

2. Secretary’s Report – Nominations for Life Membership & Dues Remissions

3. Board of Trustees Report – Dr. Latreille will present the report (handout at Council)

4. MSSNYPAC Report – Dr. Sellers will present the report (handout at Council)

5. MLMIC Update – Mr. Don Fager will present a verbal report

6. AMA Delegation Update – Dr. Kennedy will present a verbal update

7. MESF Update – Dr. Kleinman will present the report

8. Commissioners (All Action Items )
    No action items submitted

9. Councilors (All Action Items from County Societies and District Branches)
    No action items submitted

D. Reports of Officers (Informational)
1. Office of the President – Meetings attended:
April 21   Albany meeting with Phil, Liz & Bill Muldrow
April 28   SHIP Meeting. Albany
April 29   DSRIP Meeting, Syracuse, NY
May 1- 3  MSSNY HOD
May 5      10th Annual Regional Healthcare Recognition & Luncheon
May 5      MLMIC Cocktail Party
May 6     MLMIC Audit Meeting & Annual Meeting
May 6     Annual Meeting of Erie County
May 11   University Club Dinner – Specialty Coalition Lobby Day, Albany
May 12   Specialty Coalition Lobby Day
May 13   Trial Lawyers Meeting
May 15   Workers’ Comp Board Teleconference
May 18   SHIP Meeting
May 18   Meeting with Dr. Frankel
May 19   Meetings with Drs. Sana Bloch & David Jakubowicz in the Bronx
May 19   Annual Meeting – Broome County Medical Society
May 26  Annual Meeting – Albany County
May 28  News Conference to Support Legislation (A.2834/S.3419)
May 29  Suffolk County Medical Society Annual Meeting
May 30  NYS Podiatric Annual Meeting
June 2   NYMGMA Annual Meeting
June 3   MLMIC Executive Meeting
June 3   Otsego Annual Meeting
June 5-9   AMA
June 10    Columbia Memorial Hosp. Meeting
June 11    Interview with Jonathan LaMantia of Crains NY Business
June 14   NYS Neurological Society Annual Meeting
June 15   Breakfast Fundraiser – MSSNY Albany Office
June 16   Massena Memorial Hosp. Meeting

2. Office of the President-Elect – Malcolm D. Reid, MD

3. Office of the Vice President – Charles Rothberg, MD

4. Office of the Treasurer –Thomas Madejski, MD (Financial Statement for the period 1/1/15 to 5/31/15)

5. Office of the Secretary – Arthur C. Fougner, MD

6. Office of the Speaker – Kira A. Geraci-Ciradullo, MD

E. Reports of Councilors (Informational)

1. Kings & Richmond Report – Parag Mehta, MD
2. Manhattan/Bronx Report – Joshua M. Cohen, MD, MPH
3. Nassau County Report – Paul A. Pipia, MD
4. Queens County Report – Saulius J. Skeivys, MD
5. Suffolk County Report – Frank G. Dowling, MD
6. Third District Branch Report – Harold M. Sokol, MD
7. Fourth District Branch Report – John J. Kennedy, MD
8. Fifth District Branch Report –Howard H. Huang, MD
9. Sixth District Branch Report – Robert A.Hesson, MD
10. Seventh District Branch Report – Mark J. Adams, MD
11. Eighth District Branch Report – Edward Kelly Bartels, MD
12. Ninth District Branch Report – Thomas T. Lee, MD
13. Medical Student Section Report – Charles A. Kenworthy
14. Resident and Fellow Section Report – Robert A. Viviano, DO
15. Young Physician Section Report – L. Carlos Zapata, MD

F. Commissioners (All Committee & Sub-Committee Informational Reports/Minutes)

1. Commissioner of Public Health & Education, Frank G. Dowling, MD
a. Addiction & Psychiatric Medicine Committee Minutes, April 17, 2015
b. Eliminate Health Care Disparities Committee Minutes, May 15, 2015
c. Infectious Diseases Committee Minutes, April 16, 2015
d. Preventive Medicine & Family Health Committee Minutes, May 14, 2015
e. Quality Improvement Committee Minutes, January 21, 2015
f. Quality Improvement Committee Minutes, May 20, 2015

2. Commissioner of Communications, Joshua M. Cohen, MD
a. Report of the Communications Division

G. Report of the Executive Vice President
1. Membership Dues Revenue Schedule

H. Report of the General Counsel
1. Request for Amicus Brief (handout at Council)

I. Report of the Alliance
1. Alliance Report – To be presented by Joan Cincotta

J. Other Information/Announcements
1. Letter of Appreciation to Regina McNally from Dr. Alpert

K. Adjournment