Council June 3, 2021

Thursday, June 3, 2021, 9:00 a.m. (Virtual)


A.  Call to Order and Roll Call

B.  APPROVAL of the following Council Minutes Council Minutes:

  1. April 15, 2021
  2. May 1, 2021

C.  New Business

1. President’s Report.
  a. APPROVAL 2021/2022 MSSNY Committee Selection

  b. Legislative & Physician Advocacy Committee
     Gregory Pinto, MD, Commissioner of Governmental Affairs
                 (For Council Approval)

     Resolution 100 and 105
      •  Role of Private Equity in Medicine
      •  Wall Street Acquisition of Medical Practices

  c. Preventive Medicine and Family Health Committee Resolutions
     Joshua Cohen, MD, Commissioner of Science & Public Health
     (For Council Approval)
    Resolutions 107 & 114

    • Pharmacy Refill Requests
    • Automated Refills by Pharmacy without patient authorization

  d. Committee on Health Disparities
      Joshua Cohen, MD, Commissioner of Science & Public Health
      (For Council Approval)
  • Name Change for the Committee on Health Disparities

  e. Committee on Health Disparities Resolution
      Presented by Joshua Cohen, MD, Dr. Linda Clark & Dr, Erik Eiting
      (For Council Approval)
  • Addressing Racism and Intersectionality in Medicine

  f. Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Committee
      Presented by Dr. Thomas Lee & Moe Auster, Esq.
      (For Council Approval)
  • Resolution 67 – Continuing Certification as a condition of
     Employment or

  g. Infectious Disease Committee Resolution
    Presented by Dr. Joshua Cohen & Dr. William Valenti
     (For Council Approval)

      Ensuring affordability and equity in COVID-19 Vaccine Boosters

  h. American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin(AAPI)
    (For Council Approval)
    COVID-19 Crisis in India Resolution 

  i. At Large Members to MSSNY’s Executive Committee of the Council:

    • Luis Seija, Jr., MD
    • Jocelyn Young, DO

(For Council Information)

2. Board of Trustees Report – Dr. Arthur Fougner will present the report
   (For Council Approval)
 3. Secretary’s Report – Dr. Frank Dowling will present the report
              (For Council Approval)
 4. MLMIC Update – Dr. John Lombardo will present a verbal report
 5. AMA Delegation Report – Dr. Charles Rothberg will present a verbal report
 6. MSSNYPAC Report – Dr. Thomas Lee will present the report

7. County Federation Report  – Dr. Aaron Kumar will present the report

D.  Reports of Officers

  1. Office of the President – Joseph R. Sellers, MD (verbal report)
  2. Office of the President-Elect – Parag H. Mehta, MD (verbal report)
  3. Office of the Vice-President – Paul A. Pipia, MD (verbal report)
  4. Office of the Immediate Past President – Bonnie L. Litvack, MD |
        (verbal report)
  5. Office of the Treasurer– Mark J. Adams, MD,
        Financial Statement for the period 1/1/2021 – 4/30/2021
        (For Council Approval)     
    6. Office of the Speaker – William R. Latreille, Jr., MD

E.  Reports of Councilors (Informational)

  1.  Kings & Richmond Report – Adolph B. Meyer, MD
  2.  Manhattan & Bronx Report – David M. Jakubowicz, MD
  3.  Nassau County Report – David Podwall, MD
  4.  Queens County Report – Saulius J. Skeivys, MD
  5.  Suffolk County Report – Daniel E. Choi, MD
  6.  Third District Branch Report – Brian P. Murray, MD
  7.  Fourth District Branch Report – Gregory L. Pinto, MD
         (No written report submitted)
  8.  Fifth District Branch Report – Barry Rabin, MD
  9.  Sixth District Branch Report – Celeste A. Johns, MD
         (No written report submitted)
  10. Seventh District Branch Report – Janine L. Fogarty, MD
  11. Eighth District Branch Report– Mark R. Jajkowski, MD
  12. Ninth District Branch Report – Thomas T. Lee, MD
  13. Medical Student Section Report – Leanna Knight
         (No written report submitted)
  14. Organized Medical Staff Section Report – Stephen F. Coccaro, MD
         (No written report submitted)
  15. Resident & Fellow Section Report – Luis E. Seija, MD
         (No written report submitted)
    16. Young Physician Section Report –  Jocelyn C. Young, DO

F.  Commissioners (Informational Items)
1. Commissioner of Communications, Maria A. Basile, MD, MBA
     a. Report from the Division of Communications

  1. Commissioner of Continuing Medical Education, Mark J. Adams, MD
        (No written report submitted)

 3. Commissioner of Governmental Relations, Gregory L. Pinto, MD
   a. Scope of Practice Committee Minutes, April 20, 2021
b. Quality Improvement & Patient Safety Minutes, May 12, 2021
c. Long Term Care Minutes, May 6, 2021
d. Report from the Division of Governmental Affairs

  1. Commissioner of Membership, David M. Jakubowicz, MD
        Report from the Division of Membership 
  2. Commissioner of Science & Public Health, Joshua M. Cohen, MD
        a. Committee on Addiction & Psychiatric Minutes, May 7, 2021 
        b. Committee on Health Disparities April 23, 2021
    c. Committee on Infectious Diseases, April 29, 2021
    d. Committee on Preventive Health and Family Medicine, May 13, 2021
  3. Commissioner of Socio Medical Economics, Brian P. Murray, MD
        (No written report submitted)

G.  Report of the Executive Vice President, Troy J. Oechsner

  1. Membership Dues Revenue Schedule
  2. Group Institutional Dues Report
  3. MSSNY’s Goals & Measures PowerPoint

H.Report of the General Counsel, Garfunkel Wild, Barry Cepelewicz, MD, Esq.
      Nassau County Medical Society Bylaws
(For Council Approval)

I.  Report of the Alliance, Joan Cincotta
     Alliance Report

J.  Other Information/Announcements
    1. Comments on the No Surprises Act
2. Interest Rate for Adjudicated Medical Debts 

K.  Adjournment