Council Thursday, November 5, 2020, 9:00 AM

Thursday, November 5, 2020, 9:00 a.m. (Virtual)


A. Call to Order and Roll Call
APPROVAL of the September 17, 2020 Council Minutes.

C. New Business
1. President’s Report
a. Presidential Appointments to the 2021 Nominating Committee
           (For Council Approval)

Chair: Arthur Fougner, MD
Immediate Past President
First District: Adolph Meyer, MD
Second District: Paul Pipia, MD
Third District: Joseph Sellers, MD
Fourth District: Gregory Pinto, MD
Fifth District: Howard Huang, MD
Sixth District: Jerome Cohen, MD
Seventh District: Mark Adams, MD
Eighth District: Rose Berkun, MD
Ninth District: Thomas Lee, MD

Members-At-Large: Andrew Kleinman, MD
Daniel Young, MD

b. Legislative & Physician Advocacy Committee, Paul Pipia, MD, Chair
 2021 Legislative Program (For Council Approval)

c. Employed Physicians Committee Resolutions, Arthur Fougner, MD, Chair
Resolution 54 – End Restrictive Covenants (For Council Approval)
Resolution 55 – Restrictive Covenants (For Council Approval)

d. Presentation – Mr. David Mancione, Senior Vice President, Premier

2.  Board of Trustees ReportDr. Andrew Kleinman will present the report
     (For Council Approval) 

3.  Secretary’s ReportDr. Frank Dowling will present the report
     (For Council Approval)

4.  MLMIC UpdateDr. John Lombardo will present a verbal report

5.  AMA Delegation ReportDr. John Kennedy will present a verbal report

6.  MSSNYPAC ReportDr. Thomas Lee will present the report

7.  County Federation ReportDr. Aaron Kumar will present the report

D. Reports of Officers (Verbal)

  1. Office of the President – Bonnie L. Litvack, MD
  2. Office of the President-Elect – Joseph R. Sellers, MD
  3. Office of the Vice-President – Parag H. Mehta, MD
  4. Office of the Immediate Past President – Arthur C. Fougner, MD
  5. Office of the Treasurer – Mark J. Adams, MD, Financial Statement for the  period 1/1/20 – 9/30/20
    (For Council Approval)
  6. Office of the Speaker – William R. Latreille, Jr., MD

E.  Reports of Councilors (Informational)

  1.   Kings & Richmond Report – Adolph B. Meyer, MD
  2.   Manhattan & Bronx Report – David M. Jakubowicz, MD
  3.   Nassau County Report – Paul A. Pipia, MD
  4.   Queens County Report – Saulius J. Skeivys, MD
  5.   Suffolk County Report – Daniel E. Choi, MD
  6.   Third District Branch Report – Brian P. Murray, MD
  7.   Fourth District Branch Report – Gregory L. Pinto, MD
  8.   Fifth District Branch Report – Barry Rabin, MD
  9.   Sixth District Branch Report – Robert A. Hesson, MD
  10. Seventh District Branch Report – Janine L. Fogarty, MD
  11. Eighth District Branch Report – Mark R. Jajkowski. MD
  12. Ninth District Branch Report – Thomas T. Lee, MD
  13. Medical Student Section Report – Shireen Saxena (no report submitted)
  14. Organized Medical Staff Section Report – Stephen F. Coccaro, MD
          (no report submitted)
  15. Resident & Fellow Section Report – Raymond Lorenzoni, MD
          (no report submitted)
  16. Young Physician Section Report – L. Carlos Zapata, MD
          (no report submitted)

F. Commissioners (Informational Items)

  1. Commissioner of Communications, Maria A. Basile, MD, MBA
        Report from the Division of Communications
  1. Commissioner of Continuing Medical Education, Mark J. Adams, MD
        Report from the Division of CME
  1. Commissioner of Governmental Relations, Gregory L. Pinto, MD
4. Commissioner of Membership, David M. Jakubowicz, MD
    Membership Committee Minutes October 8, 2020

5. Commissioner of Science & Public Health, Joshua M. Cohen, MD

6. Commissioner of Socio Medical Economics, Brian P. Murray, MD
    (No written report submitted)

G. Report of the Executive Vice President, Philip Schuh, CPA, MS

  1. Membership Dues Revenue Schedule
  2. Group Institutional Dues Report

H. Report of the General Counsel, Garfunkel Wild, Barry Cepelewicz, MD, Esq
    (No written report submitted)

I. Report of the Alliance, Barbara Ellman
    (No written report submitted)

J. Other Information/Announcements
    (No reports submitted)

 K. Adjournment