MSSNY eNews: July 22, 2020 – Gov. Cuomo: President Needs to Issue Federal Mandate for Masks


Gov. Cuomo Press Conference Highlights 


– Day 144 of pandemic 

– 67,00 tests yesterday, 705 were positive, infection rate is 1.04% 

– 9 lives lost on 7/21 

– 714 hospitalizations, 10 less than yesterday 

– NY “doing very well” 

– It was expected infection rate would go up after reopening, but has continued to go down 

– Still concern over increase in infection rate across U.S., virus could have a “ricochet effect” throughout the country  


– President said yesterday masks should be worn, Gov. called this a “positive step forward”, but President needs to issue federal mandate for masks 

– IHME model showed mask mandate could save 40,000 lives 

– Gov. spoke with Pres. Yesterday; Pres. said he is considering sending federal agents to NY to deal with “increasing crime problem;” Gov. stated he is also concerned about crime in NYC, but the situation can be managed by the state, no need for federal involvement at this point 

– Gov. expressed concern over federal COVID bill – state and local governments excluded 

– Gov. cited “numerous experts” that have stated economy will not rebound if state and local governments do not receive relief.  


– Asked about conversation with President – what will state do to impact crime rate in NYC 

– Gov. stated if there is a public safety emergency in NYC that requires assistance, additional resources can be brought in to address emergency; Gov. said he will declare an emergency if he believes necessary 

-Asked about the parameters for declaring a public emergency, Gov. said he “will know it when [he] sees it”, but has been working with the city to make changes to   


– While concerned, Gov. said he does not believe aggressive action is required at this time by federal government 

– Asked about bill legislature is considering this week to end civil/legal immunity for nursing homes during pandemic; Gov. said he will have to see the bill, but he believes it deals with non-COVID situations 

– Asked whether Trump is engaging in personal politics; Gov. cited “different tone with President” yesterday, believes there was a recognition by Pres. that federal govt. has been in denial over COVID 

– Asked about widespread graffiti in NYC; Gov. stated concern is worse than graffiti – NYC is in “troubling times” due to COVID, increased crime, impact on economy; Graffiti “another manifestation of deterioration of NYC,” city should work harder on this 

– Asked about positive infection rate and the period of time tests cover due to backlogs in labsGov stated results are from tests coming back yesterdayGov. stated only national labs experiencing backlog of test results 

– Rhodes added that about 72% of tests yesterday were done within the last 2-3 days, and tests in hotspots are processed more quickly 

– DeRosa added that results are also looked at as a 5-day average

Daily COVID-19 Stats, State-By-State 

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HHS Extends Medicaid and CHIP Physicians from July 20 to August 3!
HHS extended the deadline for eligible Medicaid and CHIP physicians and organizations to submit information and apply for funding from the CARES Act Provider Relief Fund from July 20 until August 3, 2020.

HHS is distributing approximately $15 billion to eligible physicians who have not previously received a payment from the Provider Relief Fund. The payment amount will be at least 2 percent of reported gross revenue from patient care, and the final amount will be determined based on submitted data, including the number of Medicaid patients served. HHS has created a fact sheet explaining the application process and answering frequently asked questions.

The American Medical Association (AMA) has made HHS aware of an issue where physicians who primarily care for patients with Medicaid and CHIP coverage received a small amount of money from the automatic Medicare allotment in April because they treated one or two patients with ESRD. They are ineligible to apply for this round of funding even if they rejected and returned the money. HHS has indicated they are working on a policy to address this issue.

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Around 20% of Pregnant Women Misused Opioids in 2019, CDC Reports
About one in five U.S. women reported that they misused prescription opioids during pregnancy, a CDC analysis of survey data showsCDC analyzed data from surveys conducted in 2019 polling 21,488 women who had given birth in the last two to six months. Learn more about the data and methodology here. 

Of the women polled, 20,643 (96.1 percent) provided information regarding prescription opioid use during their most recent pregnancy. Overall, 1,405 (6.6 percent) reported prescription opioid use during pregnancy. A little over 21 percent of women who used prescription opioids during pregnancy reported misuse, with 4 percent reporting getting the opioids from a non-healthcare provider source and using them for reasons other than pain. Among women who used prescription opioids during pregnancy, 27.1 percent indicated wanting or needing to cut down or stop using. 

About 68 percent of the women reported that a healthcare provider counseled them about the effect of opioid use on an infant. (CDC)

NYSDOH: Procedures for Testing/Reporting of Mosquito & TickBorne Illnesses
NYSDOH is reminding healthcare providers of the procedures for testing and reporting of mosquito- and tick-borne illnesses. As NYS residents may be spending more time outdoors this spring/summer due to social distancing recommendations and symptoms of vector-borne diseases may be similar to some associated with COVID-19 disease, providers are reminded to ask patients about outdoor activities as part of routine telehealth, outpatient, and inpatient assessments. Prompt recognition of and treatment for tick-borne diseases, in particular, is crucial to minimizing morbidity and mortality. 

NY Senators: Over $680 Million In Additional Emergency Federal Funding For ‘Hot Spot’ Hospitals


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