Council – May 10, 2018

    MSSNY Council Meeting
                  Courtyard Marriott Westbury Long Island
         1800 Privado Road
         Westbury, NY  11590
         Thursday, May 10, 2018, 9:00 a.m

A. Call to Order and Roll Call

B. Approval of the Council Minutes of Sunday, March 25, 2018

C. New Business (All New Action & Informational Items) 

  1. President’s Report
    1. 2018 HOD Resolutions referred to Council (For Council Approval)
    2. Discussion on Physician Assisted Suicide – Jeffrey Berger, MD & Jay Federman, MD
  1. PresentationConcierge Medicine
    Dr. Dean P. McElwain, President and COO
    Castle Connolly Private Health Partners LLC

Dr. McElwain is a seasoned healthcare executive with nearly 30 years of progressive leadership in a variety of healthcare settings. Dr. McElwain has a professional doctorate (DPT) from Simmons College Graduate School for Health Studies, with a specialty in Health Care Administration.A recognized national thought leader in the area of Concierge Medicine, Dr. McElwain has provided guidance, leadership and innovation to more than 70 providers, as well as regional and national corporate clients over the last 9 years. Renowned organizations, such as the Lown Cardiovascular Institute, have relied on Dr. McElwain’s guidance for effective design and management when evaluating and or transitioning their practices to the subscription-based or concierge membership model.

A lifelong endurance athlete, Dr. McElwain is also a respected leader in the areas of Health Coaching, Wellness and Human Performance. Having completed undergraduate studies in exercise physiology as well as graduate studies in Physical Therapy, Dr. McElwain combines his passion and expertise in the areas of exercise, nutrition and wellness in leading a robust initiative to incorporate wellness into the practices and members he guides.

Dr. McElwain is a member of the American Academy of Private Physicians (AAPP) as well as the Healthcare Financial Managers Association (HFMA) and is an external consultant member of the Medical Group Managers Association (MGMA).

  1. Board of Trustees Report – Robert Hughes will present the report (handout)
  2. Secretary’s Report – Dr. Frank Dowling will present the report for Nominations for Life Membership, Dues Remissions & Special Life Membership requests
  3. MLMIC Update  –  Mr. Donald Fager will present a verbal report
  4. MSSNYPAC Report –   Joseph Sellers will present the report (handout)
  5. MESF Update – Dr. Charles Rothberg will present the report
  6. CME Update – Dr. Mark Adams (no written report submitted)
  7. Councilors (All Action Items, For Council Approval)
    a. Motion from New York County Medical Society:
        Joshua M. Cohen, MD, MPH, Manhattan and The Bronx Councilor
    Because of membership deals in recent years, county medical society leaders are more often asked to explain to members and prospective members why some pay full dues and others pay significantly less. Although MSSNY staff may have letters and information in place to formally send on such inquiries, the NYCMS Board agreed that when possible, doctors should be equipped to respond in the best way themselves.
    Therefore, the New York County Medical Society is asking the MSSNY Council to craft talking points so that members can respond to colleagues about dues differentials.


D. Reports of Officers (Verbal Reports)    

  1. Office of the President  – Thomas J. Madejski, MD
  2. Office of the President Elect – Arthur C. Fougner, MD
  3. Office of the Vice President –  Bonnie L. Litvack, MD
  4. Office of the Treasurer – Joseph R. Sellers, MD Financial Statement for the period 1/1/18 to 3/31/18
  5. Office of the Speaker – Kira A. Geraci-Ciradullo, MD

E. Reports of Councilors (Informational)

  1.           Kings and Richmond Report – Parag H. Mehta, MD
  2.           Manhattan and Bronx Report – Joshua M. Cohen, MD
  3.           Nassau County Report – Paul A. Pipia, MD
  4.           Queens County Report – Saulius J. Skeivys, MD
  5.           Suffolk County Report – Maria A. Basile, MD 
  6.           Third District Branch Report – Brian P. Murray, MD
  7.           Fourth District Branch Report – Gregory Pinto, MD
                  (no written report submitted)
  8.           Fifth District Branch Report –Howard H. Huang, MD
  9.           Sixth District Branch Report – Robert A. Hesson, MD
  10.         Seventh District Branch Report – Janine L. Fogarty, MD
  11.         Eighth District Branch Report – Edward Kelly Bartels, MD
  12.         Ninth District Branch Report  –  Thomas T. Lee, MD
  13.         Medical Student Section Report –  Breyen Coffin
  14.         Organized Medical Staff Section – Stephen F. Coccaro, MD
                  (no written report submitted)
  15.         Resident and Fellow Section Report – Justin Fuehrer, DO
  16.         Young Physician Section Report – L. Carlos Zapata, MD
                  (no written report submitted)

F. Commissioners (Committee Action & Informational Items)

  1. Commissioner of Communications, Maria A. Basile, MD, MBA
         Report of the Division of Communications
  1. Commissioner of Governmental Relations, Gregory Pinto, MD
        Report From The Division Of Governmental Affairs
  2. Commissioner of Membership, Parag H. Mehta, MD
    Membership Committee Discussion & Action Items:
    At the 2018 meeting of the MSSNY House of Delegates, the International Medical Graduate caucus considered a number of issues and focused on ways to increase participation of IMGs in the medical societies.
    One suggestion was to engage those international medical students doing clinical rotations in New York at the stage of their career when they are starting out on the difficult path to New York State medical licensure.  To exclude a segment of the future NYS physician workforce from membership when they most need support runs counter to our mission as a medical society and is likely to have a negative effect on those individuals’ future membership decisions.
    The IMG Caucus agreed to ask MSSNY to change its definition of medical student for the purposes of society membership so that it will also include those attending medical school outside the United States who are doing approved clinical rotations in New York State.
    It’s understood that a Bylaw change would be needed to make this happen, and the draft language below will be circulated to members of the IMG Committee and the IMG Caucus for feedback before submitting it as a resolution for the 2019 HOD.

    Student members shall be those members
    (1)(a) enrolled in an LCME-accredited medical or AOA-accredited osteopathic school or (b) enrolled in a medical or osteopathic school that is approved to place students in clinical clerkships in teaching hospitals in New York State, and (2) attend such medical or osteopathic school or maintain a residence in New York State.  (FOR COUNCIL DISCUSSION)

    MSSNY’s Membership Committee is drawing up plans with the Medical Student Section to make the most of the House of Delegates’ decision to offer free membership to medical students.  We would like to be able to take advantage of the energy being focused on medical student recruitment in our contacts with international students during the nearly three years it will take for a Bylaws amendment to be passed.

    Therefore it has been suggested that we consider other ways to appeal to international students and make them feel welcome in the meantime.

    I propose that as a pilot project in participating counties, MSSNY and the county medical society offer member benefits and services to international medical students engaged locally in New York State-approved clinical rotations free of charge until such time as they are eligible for student or other membership in the societies.  This would include invitations to county and state medical society meetings, without the right to vote unless and until formal membership is obtained.  (FOR COUNCIL APPROVAL)

  1. Commissioner of Science and Pubic Health, Joshua M. Cohen, MD
  1. Commissioner of Socio Medical Economics, Howard H. Huang, MD
        Interspecialty Committee Minutes, March 1, 2018

G. Report of the Executive Vice President, Philip Schuh, CPA, MS

  1. Membership Dues Revenue Schedule
  2. Group Institutional Dues Schedule

H. Report of the General Counsel, Garfunkel Wild, P.C.
     Request for assistance as amicus curiae (handout)

I. Report of the Alliance, Barbara Ellman, Co-President
    Alliance Report

J. Other Information/Announcements

  1. PAI Letters to U.S. House of Representatives – Improving 340B Program Transparency, Child Site Eligibility and the Patient Definition
  2. Final E-Prescribing Controlled Substances Letter
  3. NYS Society of Plastic Surgeons/Opposition to MOC Bill

K. Adjournment