Council – March 5, 2019

MSSNY Council Meeting
Tuesday, March 5, 2019, 1:00 p.m.
Albany Renaissance Hotel
144 State Street
Albany, NY  12207


A. Call to Order and Roll Call

B. APPROVAL of the Minutes of January 24, 2019

C. New Business (Informational/Action Items)

1. President’s Report:
Introduction to the New MSSNY Mobile App for the House of Delegates (verbal)
Presented by:
Mr. Stephen Sachs, MSSNY’s Website Administrator

2. Board of Trustees Report – Dr. Robert Hughes will present the report  (handout)

3. Secretary’s Report – Dr. Frank Dowling will present the report

4. MLMIC Update – Mr. Marc Craw will present the report (verbal) 

5. AMA Delegation Report – Dr. John Kennedy will present the report (verbal)

6. MSSNYPAC Report – Dr. Joseph Sellers will present the report (handout)

7. MESF Update – No written report submitted

8. Commissioners (Action Items – For Council Approval)
    Commissioner of Science & Public Health, Joshua M. Cohen, MD

  1. Resolution 2018-63 – Integrating Medical Records
  2. Resolution 2018-150 – Common Sense Prostate Cancer Screening
  3. Revisions to MSSNY Policy 125.996 Screening Programs and Interventions Most Beneficial in Improving the Overall Public Health

DReports of Officers

  1. Office of the President – Thomas J. Madejski, MD
  2. Office of the President-Elect – Arthur C. Fougner, MD
  3. Office of the Vice President – Bonnie L. Litvack, MD
  4. Office of the Treasurer – Joseph R. Sellers, MD
        Financial Statement for the period 1/01/18 to 12/31/18
  5. Office of the Secretary – Frank G. Dowling, MD
  6. Office of the Speaker – Kira A. Geraci-Ciradullo, MD

E.  Presentations

2:00 p.m.
PowerPoint – “Physician Wellness” (handout)
Presented by:
Arthur Hengerer, MD, Chair BPMC
Robert Catalano, MD, MBA Executive Secretary, OPMC
Mr. Keith Servis, OPMC Director
Mr. Stephen Boese, Executive Secretary, Board of Medicine

2:45 p.m.
PowerPoint – “Efforts to Stop Legalization of Marijuana in New York State” (handout)

Presented by:
Kevin A. Sabet, PhD. President & CEO
Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM)

3:45 p.m
Discussion – “Overview of the Proposal to Legalize Marijuana in New York State” (verbal)
Presented by:
Mr. Axel Bernabe, Associate Counsel for Health
Office of  New York Governor Andrew Cuomo
Mr. Jason Starr, Assistant Counsel
Office of  New York Governor Andrew Cuomo

  Reports of Councilors (Informational Items)

  1. Kings & Richmond Report – Parag H. Mehta, MD
  2. Manhattan & Bronx Report – Joshua M. Cohen, MD
  3. Nassau County Report – Paul A. Pipia, MD
  4. Queens County Report – Saulius J. Skeivys, MD
  5. Suffolk County Report – Maria A. Basile, MD
  6. Third District Branch Report – Brian P. Murray, MD
  7. Fourth District Branch Report – Gregory L. Pinto, MD
  8. Fifth District Branch Report –Howard H. Huang, MD
  9. Sixth District Branch Report – Robert A. Hesson, MD
         (no report submitted)
  10. Seventh District Branch Report – Janine L. Fogarty, MD
  11. Eighth District Branch Report – Edward Kelly Bartels, MD
  12. Ninth District Branch Report –  Thomas T. Lee, MD
  13. Medical Student Section Report – Breyen Coffin
  14. Organized Medical Staff Section – Stephen F. Coccaro, MD
  15. Resident & Fellow Section Report – Justin Fuehrer, DO
  16. Young Physician Section Report – L. Carlos Zapata, MD
         (no report submitted)

G.  Commissioners (Informational Items)

1. Commissioner of Communications, Maria A. Basile, MD, MBA
  a.  Report from the Division of Communications 

2. Commissioner of Governmental Relations, Gregory Pinto, MD
  a. HIT Committee Minutes, February 1, 2019

3. Commissioner of Membership, Parag H. Mehta, MD
    a. Membership Committee Report

4.  Commissioner of Science & Public Health, Joshua M. Cohen, MD 
  1. Addiction & Psychiatric Medicine Committee Minutes, January 18, 2019
  2. Bioethics Committee Minutes, February 8, 2019
  3. Health Care Disparities Minutes, January 25, 2019
  4. HLC Committee Minutes, October 17, 2018
  5. Infectious Diseases Committee Minutes, January 17, 2019
  6.  PMFH Committee Minutes, February 7, 2019
  5. Commissioner of Socio Medical Economics, Howard H. Huang, MD
  (No written report submitted)

H. Report of the Executive Vice President, Philip Schuh, CPA, MS

I. Report of the General Counsel, Garfunkel Wild, P.C., James Derling, Esq.
   (No written report submitted)

J. Report of the Alliance, Barbara Ellman
   (No written report submitted)

K. Other Information/Announcements 

  1. AMA Surprise Bill Sign-On Letter
  2. MSSNY Surprise Bill Letter to Senator Schumer
  3. PAI Comments on HIPAA RFI
  4. MSSNY Statement on Legalization of Cannabis Public Hearing
  5. MSSNY Statement on Revised New York Health Act Legislation  legislation/#leg   
  6. Poughkeepsie Journal Article

L. Adjournment