June 10, 2016 – Don’t Stop Now!


Dr. Reid
Dr. Malcolm Reid

June 10,  2016
Volume 16, Number 21

Dear Colleagues:

As legislators seek to close down the Legislative Session for the year, please be warned that anything can happen at the end of Session.  Proposals thought to be “dead” or languishing often come back to life.

For example, many years ago, legislation to completely eliminate the statutory limitation on attorney fees for medical malpractice lawsuits seemingly came out of nowhere to be passed on one of the last calendars of the Assembly and Senate.  Thankfully, newspapers across the State editorialized just how bad that bill was and it was vetoed by then-Governor Pataki.

This is why we need you.

I thank the many of you who have answered our call over the last few months to contact your legislators and the Governor to express your strong opposition to a bill that would greatly increase the length of time for a medical malpractice suit to be brought.   We are pleased many newspaper and TV articles about this issue have prominently highlighted our concerns that you cannot bestow new rights to sue doctors and hospitals without taking corresponding action to bring down the exorbitant cost of medical liability insurance in New York.  There could be serious consequences to the availability of patient care.

So far, neither the Assembly nor the Senate have passed the bill this year.

But like I said, anything can happen in the last days of a Legislative Session, particularly when we are but a few months away from an election.  Controversial issues are often among the last bills taken up.  And the trial lawyers and their allies are putting enormous pressure on the Legislature.

Therefore, it is absolutely critical that you continue to contact your lawmakers and remind them of the huge problems to patient care in your community that will occur if they enact liability expansion legislation in a “vacuum.”  Remind them of just how dysfunctional and expensive New York already is.  Remind them that we need comprehensive reform of our medical malpractice adjudication system.  And remind them of the many health services that may not be provided by hospitals and doctors because resources will instead be spent instead on increased malpractice coverage costs.

In addition to calling your local legislators, you can send a letter to your legislators from here.

And make sure your colleagues do the same. You’ve stepped up for your profession— make sure they do so too.

I know many physicians think the “game is rigged” and that these contacts don’t make a difference. Let me assure you – it does make a difference.  The key, however, is generating a critical mass of physicians to weigh in simultaneously with their legislators to give them a stronger sense of the breadth of our concerns.

So please make these contacts NOW.  It’s essential to protect ourselves, our colleagues and, most importantly, to preserve the availability of timely quality patient care in our communities.

Malcolm Reid, MD, MPP
MSSNY President

Please send your comments to comments@mssny.org



One Week Left – Please Urge Your Legislators to Prevent Legislation to Increase Lawsuits and Liability Premiums
With just a few days left in the 2016 Session, all physicians must continue to call and write their legislators to urge that they reject legislation (A.285-A, Weinstein/S.6596, DeFrancisco) that could increase by another 15% your already exorbitant medical liability premiums by changing the Statute of limitations to a “Date of Discovery” rule.   A letter can be sent from here. The bill was placed on the Debate List in the Assembly this past Wednesday, June 8, indicating action by the Assembly could be imminent, and it is under active consideration by the State Senate.

Therefore, you must let your legislators know that the cost impact of this legislation is unsustainable to New York’s fragile health care system.  Any premium increases, let alone the premium increase that would be imposed as a result of this bill, are not assumable by physicians and hospitals given the cuts in payment being imposed by health insurers and from Medicare, as well as the huge costs to comply with burdensome state and federal mandates.  Let your legislators know that New York physicians already pay in many instances among the highest premiums in the country and that New York was recently ranked by WalletHub.com as the worst state to practice medicine in the country.  And most importantly, let them know the harmful consequences to patient access to care in your community if this legislation were to be enacted without also enacting reforms to reduce the cost of liability coverage.

In response to this threat, MSSNY and other groups have publicly highlighted the huge and unsustainable liability burden already assumed by New York physicians, and the threat this legislation poses to the already precarious stability of many New York hospitals and medical liability insurers.  MSSNY together with numerous other specialty medical societies have joined GNYHA and HANYS in an print and radio ad campaign highlighting the disastrous consequences to our healthcare system should such a large expansion in the right to sue be permitted by the State Legislature.   The print ads (http://www.nymedmalreform.org/) have appeared in City & State, Politico New York, and the Albany Times-Union.  Moreover, MSSNY’s concerns about the impact of this legislation on New York’s fragile health care system were documented extensively in a recent AP article.

Governor and Legislature Negotiations on Opioid Package Continue
MSSNY President Malcolm Reid, MD, MPP met this week with Paul Francis, Deputy Secretary for Health and Human Services and other Governor’s health policy staff to put forward MSSNY’s concerns with several issues imbedded in the opioid package now being negotiated by the Governor and Legislative leaders to address the burgeoning epidemic of opioid abuse and addiction. This week the Governor’s Task Force released a report making 25 recommendations to combat this epidemic.  A copy fo the report can be found at this link.

Specifically, Dr. Reid weighed in on four issues of concern including: (1) how often and whom should take mandatory continuing education on effective pain management; (2) whether to establish a day limit on the initial prescription of opioids for acute pain, for how long, and the need for physicians to maintain some discretion to prescribe longer than the limit; (3) whether the exception from the duty to consult the state prescription monitoring database currently granted for emergency room physicians should be repealed; and (4) whether to mandate counseling of patients for whom a prescription is being written for a schedule II, II or IV opioid/narcotic on the addictive nature of opioids.  Discussions on these issues remain fluid. To read a copy of MSSNY’s letter to Mr. Francis, please go here.(DEARS, AUSTER, CLANCY)

Legislation to Reduce E-Prescribing Exception Reporting on Senate Floor; Physician Action Needed
Physicians are urged to contact their elected State Senator to urge that the Senate take up and pass legislation (S. 6779, Hannon/A.9335-B, Gottfried) before they leave town next week to ease the onerous reporting burden on physicians every single time that they need to issue a paper prescription in lieu of e-prescribing.  The Assembly counterpart was overwhelmingly approved the Assembly last week by a 132-2 vote.

In March, the Bureau of Narcotics Enforcement announced that when a physician invokes one of the three statutory exceptions and write a paper script because:  their technology or power has failed; the prescription will be filled outside of New York; or it would be impractical for the patient to obtain medications in a timely manner, they must electronically submit to the department an onerous amount of information about the issuance of the paper prescription.  DOH asks that each time a paper prescription is written, the prescriber must electronically inform the DOH of their name, address, phone number, email address, license number, patient’s initials and reason for the issuance of the paper prescription. This creates an onerous burden for all physicians, particularly in situations where there is a protracted technological failure, and the physician needs to report dozens upon dozens of paper prescriptions. In fact, Surescripts has stated publicly that there is a 3-6% e-prescription transmission failure rate.

This means that in the state of New York anywhere between 7.6 million to 15 million e-prescriptions will fail every year and each prescriber involved with these failures who subsequently write a paper prescription will need to file this information with the state.  In some small communities, even the patient’s initials can convey information that will enable others who access this information to identify the patient who will receive the medication.

A much more preferable alternative is to allow physicians and other prescribers to make a notation in the patient’s chart indicating that they have invoked one of the three statutory exceptions.   It is important to know that the 12 exceptions released by the DOH Commissioner 10 days before e-prescribing requirements went into effect, do not require reporting to the DOH.   The same should hold true for the issuance of paper prescriptions when one of the three statutory exemptions apply. Please urge your Senators to pass this bill by sending a letter located on the MSSNY grassroots action center at this link.

Previously Vetoed “Title Bill” for Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists on Assembly Floor.   Urge Your Elected Representatives to Vote Against A.140 (Paulin)/S.7166 (Gallivan)
Physicians are urged to immediately contact their elected Assembly representatives to urge defeat of legislation (A.140 (Paulin)/S.7166 (Gallivan), currently on the 3rd reading rules cal. 150 on the Assembly floor, where if passed would statutorily recognize the title of certified registered nurse anesthetists (“CRNA”).   A letter can be sent from MSSNY’s Grassroots Action Center here.

Passage of this legislation is cause for great concern because it will empower CRNAs to encourage the State to apply to the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS) for CMS approval of an exemption from the requirement for physician supervision of CRNAs, thereby poetentially allowing for CRNA independent practice.

While this bill purports to be a “title protection” for CRNAs it actually establishes the certification necessary for CRNAs to be directly reimbursed by health insurance companies, as would be provided in legislation currently before both the Senate & Assembly Insurance Committees. 

Legislation to Enable Physician Override of Insurer “Fail First” Medication Protocols Moving
With just 3 scheduled Session days remaining in the 2016 Legislative Session, physicians are urged to send a letter and call their legislators in support of legislation (A.2834-D, Titone and S.3419-C, Young) to articulate a process for physicians to request and be granted an override of an insurer medication step therapy protocol when it is in the best interest of their patients’ health.    MSSNY has been working with a wide array of patient advocacy organizations, specialty societies, hospitals, and pharmaceutical manufacturers in support of this legislation.

Last week, A.2834-D was overwhelmingly advanced from the Assembly Insurance Committee to the Rules Committee.  The bill has been substantially modified from earlier versions to more clearly delineate the circumstances when an override must be granted, and the time frames within which a health insurer must grant such override request.  Specifically, a health insurer would be required to grant a physician’s override request if one of the following factors are present: 1) the drug required by the insurer is contraindicated or could likely cause an adverse reaction; 2) the drug required by the insurer is likely to be ineffective based upon the patient’s clinical history; 3) the patient has already tried the required medication, and it was not effective or caused an adverse reaction; 4) the patient is stable on the medication requested by the physician; 5) the medication is not in the best interests of the patient’s health.

While the legislation would generally require the health insurer to make its decision within 3 days of the override request of the physician, the insurer would be required to grant the override request within 24 hours of the request if the patient has a medical condition that places the health of such patient in serious jeopardy if they do not receive the requested medication.  Perhaps most importantly, if the physician’s request for an override is denied, it would enable a physician to formally appeal the decision both within the plan’s existing appeal mechanism as well as taking an external appeal.  S.3419-C is currently before the Senate Insurance Committee, and its sponsor Senator Young is pushing hard for its passage.                                                                                                                                       (AUSTER, DEARS)

Bill to Limit Pain Medication Passes Assembly Codes Committee
A6091-B/A.8601-A, sponsored by Senator Kemp Hannon and Assemblymember John McDonald, passed the Assembly Codes Committee this week by a vote of 14-6. Voting against the measure were: Assemblymembers Robin Schimminger;  Charles Lavine; Thomas McKevitt; Michael Montesano; Edward Ra; and Claudia Tenney.  The bill would limit the initial prescription by a physician or other prescriber of a Schedule II or III Controlled Substances, to a 5-day supply for patients suffering acute pain.   MSSNY strongly opposes this legislation because it fails to allow for a prescriber to exercise professional medical judgement in prescribing based upon the patient’s medical condition. The bill is now is in the Assembly Rules Committee and can be voted on at any time.

Physicians can send a letter to their members in opposition by logging onto MSSNY’s Grass Roots Action Center here.

This issue is being heavily discussed in the context of the opoid/heroin abuse package under negotiation (See related article.)

This legislation would effectively prevent a physician from exercising his/her clinical judgement on behalf of the patient by imposing an arbitrary standard not developed by any medical authority.   Moreover, this action would set a dangerous precedent in New York State and represents an enormous encroachment of the New York State Legislature into the practice of medicine.   A physician’s clinical judgment in addressing the unique needs of the individual patient should always prevail to ensure that patients receive the most appropriate and effective medication in a timely manner.

The Medical Society agrees with the concerns expressed by some that there have been instances when prescribers have authorized doses for opioid medications in excess of what was needed to address a patient’s medical condition.  Therefore, to address this concern, MSSNY has been working with the American Medical Association and other state medical societies across the country to urge Congress to pass legislation that would enable a physician to authorize a “partial fill” of a controlled substance prescription, thereby reducing the likelihood of unused medications being left in medicine cabinets.

Physician Collective Negotiation Legislation AdvanceThe Senate Finance Committee this week advanced to the Senate Rules Committee critically important legislation (S.1157-A, Hannon) that would permit independently practicing physicians to collectively negotiate patient care contract provisions with health insurance companies under close state supervision.      MSSNY strongly supports this legislation as a means to enable patients and physicians to be able to negotiate fairly with those health insurance companies that have huge market power dominance in many regions across New York State.  

It is more important than ever given the push on insurers to impose often untested value-based payment strategies.   Earlier this session, identical legislation (A.336-A, Gottfried)   advanced from the Assembly Health Committee to the Assembly Ways & Means Committee.  With just a few days left in the Legislative Session, all physicians are urged to contact their Senators and Assemblymembers to urge support for this legislation.  A letter can be sent from MSSNY’s Grassroots Action Center here.

Renewed Effort to Address Ethics Reform
On Wednesday, Governor Cuomo visited Fordham University in the Bronx and delivered an address outlining his renewed agenda for ethics reform. In the address, Governor Cuomo announced he would take “first-in-the-nation action to curb the power of independent expenditure campaigns.” Governor Cuomo lambasted the standing 2012 U.S. Supreme Court decision which prohibits government from restricting people and corporations from making unlimited independent political expenditures on behalf of candidates—effectively undoing provisions of state and federal campaign finance law which existed at that time. While leaders of both houses of the state legislature have indicated that ethics reform remains a priority, differences remain over the breadth of potential changes and exactly which provisions are ripe for reform.                        (MCPARTLON)   

PTSD and TBI in Returning Veterans:  June Webinar
MSSNY will be holding the last in a series of CME webinars on PTSD and TBI in returning veterans on Monday, June 20. The faculty presenter will be Joshua Cohen, MD.

Course objectives:

  • Explore the two most prevalent mental disorders facing American veterans today, their causes, symptoms, and comorbidities
  • Outline treatment options including evidence-based psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy
  • Discuss barriers to treatment, including those unique to military culture, and how to overcome them
  • Outline the process of recovery and post-traumatic growth

To register for this program, click on the date below and fill out the registration form

Monday, June 20, 6-7 PM                                                                                (ELPERIN, DEARS)

For more information relating to any of the above articles, please contact the appropriate contributing staff member at the following email addresses:       

pschuh@mssny.org ldears@mssny.org      mauster@mssny.org  
pclancy@mssny.org jmcpartlon@mssny.org    

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Our Message Is Everywhere
A message from Doctors and Hospitals: New York is home to many of the world’s finest doctors and hospitals, but they spend billions annually on medical malpractice costs—by far the nation’s highest. Let’s make sure Albany doesn’t make things worse by passing bills that will raise those costs even higher and damage patient care. Learn more here.

Info You Need: Medicare’s Mail-Order Program for Diabetes Testing Supplies
If you treat patients with Original Medicare who use diabetes testing supplies, you should know that Medicare is continuing its National Mail-Order Program. This program includes all parts of the US, and it requires Medicare beneficiaries who want diabetes testing supplies delivered to their homes to use a national mail-order supplier that has a contract with Medicare. The program is designed to help beneficiaries get quality supplies while also saving money.

This website contains the latest information about the national mail-order program.

EPaces: Do Not Share Your User ID and Password
As a result of recent security improvements to the ePACES log-in process, eMedNY is aware that some ePACES users are sharing their log-in credentials with their co-workers in order to facilitate daily processing of eligibility checks, among other functions.
We would like to remind all ePACES users of the following policy stated in the Medicaid Confidentiality Regulations under “ePACES Access Control.”

Warning: As per the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), CSC or the on-site ePACES Administrator is required to assign unique user IDs and passwords for identifying and tracking user’s identity [Ref: § 164.312(a)(2)(i)]. Users that share their ePACES user id and password are in violation of the HIPAA Security Regulation. If this practice is detected, the user’s access will be revoked and other sanctions may apply.

Fortunately, there are only 3 steps needed for your ePACES Administrator to create and define roles for ePACES user IDs – click, create, assign!

Read all about them in the ‘ePACES – Setting Up User Accounts’ Quick Reference Guide. No Call Center tokens required!

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Differences in Incomes of Physicians by Race and Sex
“The median annual income of white male doctors between 2010 and 2013 was $253,042, compared with $188,230 for black male doctors, according to a study published in the BMJ. Both groups of men far out-earned female doctors of both races, although the pay gap between white and black women was modest and not statistically significant.”

FDA Warns Overdosing on Anti-Diarrhea Drugs Can Cause Fatal Heart Problems
The FDA warned on June 7 that common anti-diarrhea drugs, such as prescription Imodium (loperamide) and related over-the-counter drugs, “can cause potentially deadly heart problems when taken at higher-than-recommended levels.” According to the agency, abusers try to achieve highs by taking up to 300 milligrams at once, far in excess of the recommended 8 to 16 milligrams per day. The agency has received 31 reports of people hospitalized due to the heart problems, including 10 deaths over the last 39 years. 

Please Take Physicians Foundation Survey: NY Should Be Heard
We need your support to make the 2016 Physicians Foundation Biennial Physician Survey a success! Your participation is essential for generating awareness about the key challenges facing the physician community today as well as for helping policymakers formulate efficient and effective policies that improve patient care. We would greatly appreciate you taking 10 minutes to complete the survey.

USPSTF Reaffirms Syphilis Screening Guidelines as Cases Increase
The US Preventive Services Task Force reaffirmed their 2004 guidelines on syphilis screening, which recommend that “men who have sex with men, people living with HIV and others at an increased risk of the sexually transmitted disease” be screened for syphilis. The United States Preventive Services Task Force made this recommendation in a JAMA article published online, the first update to the syphilis screening recommendation since 2004 (JAMA. 2016;315[21]:2321-2327. doi: 10.1001/jama.2016.5824). The article points out that the number of new syphilis cases in the US was almost 20,000 in 2014 compared to only 5,979 in 2005, according to the CDC.

Albany County Executive to Sign Law to Raise Tobacco Purchase Age
The Albany (NY) Times Union (6/8) reports that on Wednesday, Albany County Executive Dan McCoy is expected to sign a law that would raise the age to buy tobacco products to 21. Lawmakers have pushed this legislation “in hopes of preventing young adults from ever taking up a tobacco habit.” Albany would become the third county in New York to pass this legislation. 

MSSNY in the News

Associated Press – 06/02/16
New York Bill Extends Deadline for Medical Malpractice Suits
(MSSNY Senior VP, Liz Dears quoted)

Also ran in:

New York bill extends time for medical malpractice lawsuits                                    

The Observer-Dispatch (AP)
NY bill extends time for medical malpractice lawsuits                                              

NY bill would extend deadline for medical malpractice suits

New York bill extends deadline for medical malpractice suits                                   

New York bill extends deadline for medical malpractice suits                                   

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New York bill extends deadline for medical malpractice suits                                   

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New York bill extends deadline for medical malpractice suits                                   

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New York bill extends deadline for medical malpractice suits                                   

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New York bill extends deadline for medical malpractice suits                                   

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New York bill extends deadline for medical malpractice suits                                   

New York bill extends deadline for medical malpractice suits                                   

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New York bill extends deadline for medical malpractice suits                                   

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New York bill extends deadline for medical malpractice suits                                   

New York bill extends deadline for medical malpractice suits                                   

Olean Times Herald
New York bill extends deadline for medical malpractice suits                                   

Journal Gazette & Times-Courier
New York bill extends deadline for medical malpractice suits                         

New York bill extends deadline for medical malpractice suits                                     

The Daily Star (AP)
New York bill extends deadline for medical malpractice suits                                     

New York bill extends deadline for medical malpractice suits                                     

The Leader Herald
New York bill extends deadline for medical malpractice suits                                     

Adirondack Daily Enterprise
New York bill extends deadline for medical malpractice suits                                     

New York bill extends deadline for medical malpractice suits                                     

Westfield Republican
New York bill extends deadline for medical malpractice suits                                     

Elkhart Truth
New York bill extends deadline for medical malpractice suits                                     

Bills extends time for medical malpractice suits                                                       

Fox Carolina
New York bill extends deadline for medical malpractice suits

Albany Times Union – 06/02/16
New York opioid pill bill would limit prescriptions
(MSSNY mentioned)

Also ran in:

San Antonio Express News

Newsday – 06/05/16
Medical malpractice lawsuit bill stalls in state Senate 

WCBS-TV New York  – 06/03/16
N.Y. State Lawmakers Push For Change To Limitations On Medical Malpractice Suits
(MSSNY President, Dr. Malcom Reid interviewed) 

Black Daily News – 06/03/16
N.Y. State Lawmakers Push For Change To Limitations On Medical Malpractice Suits
(MSSNY President, Dr. Malcom Reid quoted)

Examiner.com – 06/06/16
NY Senate sits on malpractice bill passed by Assembly
(MSSNY mentioned)

Newsday – 06/05/16
Medical malpractice lawsuit bill stalls in state Senate
(MSSNY Mentioned)


Medical Office Space For Sale in Prime Bay Ridge Co-op Building
Recently renovated Medical Office
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Office to Share/Rent
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Physician Opportunities

Columbia University – Associate Vice President for Health Services
Reporting to the Vice President for Campus Services, the Associate Vice President for Health Services (AVP) provides leadership for health policy, programs, outreach, facilities, finances, and health programming on the Morningside Campus of Columbia University. Serving the total health, health information, disability, sexual assault, sexual misconduct, and wellness needs of over 25,000 students, the AVP serves as a principal advisor on health affairs to the Vice President for Campus Services, the Executive Vice President for Facilities & Operations, and the Senior Executive Vice President.

The position requires a minimum of 10 years experience in health/human services or a related setting with at least five years of senior leadership at a director level or above. MD, DO, PhD, or equivalent clinical degree in a health related field is required. Additional requirements include: experience in crisis management coupled with ability to manage confidential information in a sensitive manner and use of sound judgment; ability to manage and lead collaboration with diverse constituencies, including traditionally underserved communities; demonstrated ability to provide leadership in complex institutions and to work with health providers and a wide range of University and contracted personnel; and evidence of strong customer service orientation with proven methods of soliciting, responding to, and managing feedback.

Review of applications will begin June 6, 2016, and will continue until the position is filled. The full position announcement, including application instructions, is available on the Spelman Johnson website at http://www.spelmanandjohnson.com/position/associate-vice-president-health-services 

Columbia University is an equal opportunity/affirmative action — Race/Gender/Disability/Veterans employer.

New York Life Seeks Experienced Medical Director
New York Life is seeking an experienced Medical Director. Full time physician (M.D. or D.O.) needed for our underwriting department in Manhattan. At least 3-5 years Internal Medicine or Family Practice required. Competitive industry salary, excellent benefits, outstanding culture. Visit: https://career8.successfactors.com/sfcareer/jobreqcareer?jobId=30244&company=NYLPRD&username=