Council – January 24, 2019

MSSNY Council Meeting
Thursday, January 24, 2019 9:00 a.m.
Courtyard Marriott, Westbury Long Island
1800 Privado Road
Westbury, NY  11590

A. Call to Order and Roll Call

B. APPROVAL of the Minutes of November 1, 2018

C. New Business (All Informational/Action Items)
1. President’s Report:

a. Letter to the United States Department of Justice regarding CVS-Aetna
b. Testimony of Charles Rothberg, MD regarding the Proposed CVS Acquisition of Aetna
c. Honoring Dr. Sheldon Putterman with a plaque for his many years of dedication to the CME Committees & Subcommittees
d. MSSNY Task Force on Firearm Safety Action Item (FOR COUNCIL APPROVAL)
To be presented by Dr. Latreille & Dr. Dowling
e. Medicinal & Recreational Marijuana Memorandum
f. MSSNY Committees Goals Document
g. Governor’s Budget Proposal
h. Dr. Madejski’s Letter – Maintenance of Certification (MOC) requirements for continuing board certification

Action Item – For Council Approval

Approval of the Empire State Medical, Scientific & Educational Foundation, Inc. Election of Directors



  1. Board of Trustees Report – Dr. Robert Hughes will present the report (handout)
  1. Secretary’s Report – Dr. Frank Dowling will present the report
  1. MLMIC Update –  Donald Fager will present the report  (verbal)
  1. AMA Delegation Report – Dr. John Kennedy will present the report
  1. MSSNYPAC Report – Joseph Sellers will present the report (handout)
  1. MESF Update – Mr. Thomas Donoghue will present the report (handout)
  1. CME Update – Mark Adams will present the report & the following action item:
    CME Report and Action Item Resolution 2018-169 Partnership on Continuing Medical Education

D. Reports of Officers

  1. Office of the President – Thomas J. Madejski, MD
  2. Office of the President-Elect – Arthur C. Fougner, MD
  3. Office of the Vice President – Bonnie L. Litvack, MD
  4. Office of the Treasurer – Joseph R. Sellers, MD Financial Statement for the period 1/01/18 to 12/31/18
  5. Office of the Secretary – Frank G. Dowling, MD
  6. Office of the Speaker – Kira A. Geraci-Ciradullo, MD

E. Reports of Councilors (Informational Items)

  1. Kings & Richmond Report – Parag H. Mehta, MD
  2. Manhattan & Bronx Report – Joshua M. Cohen, MD
  3. Nassau County Report – Paul A. Pipia, MD
  4. Queens County Report – Saulius J. Skeivys, MD
  5. Suffolk County Report – Maria A. Basile, MD
  6. Third District Branch Report – Brian P. Murray, MD
        No written report submitted
  7. Fourth District Branch Report – Gregory Pinto, MD
  8. Fifth District Branch Report –Howard H. Huang, MD
  9. Sixth District Branch Report – Robert A. Hesson, MD
        No written report submitted
  10. Seventh District Branch Report – Janine L. Fogarty, MD
  11. Eighth District Branch Report – Edward Kelly Bartels, MD
  12. Ninth District Branch Report –  Thomas T. Lee, MD
  13. Medical Student Section Report – Breyen Coffin
  14. Organized Medical Staff Section – Stephen F. Coccaro, MD
  15. Resident & Fellow Section Report – Justin Fuehrer, DO
  16. Young Physician Section Report – L. Carlos Zapata, MD
          No written report submitted

F. Commissioners (Informational Items)

  1. Commissioner of Communications, Maria A. Basile, MD, MBA
              a. Report from the Division of Communications
  2. Commissioner of Governmental Relations, Gregory Pinto, MD
       a. Report from the Division of Governmental Affairs
  1. Commissioner of Membership, Parag H. Mehta, MD
        a. Committee on Membership Action Items 

    Appendix 1:
    Resolution 2019-1 would establish that physicians who participate as members through agreements with their groups or institutions are active members.
    The Membership Committee recommends that the Council approve Resolution 2019-1, Group and Institutional Membership, for submission to the House of Delegates by MSSNY President Thomas Madejski, MD.
    Appendix 2:
    Resolution 2019-2 states that at the conclusion of a three-year term for any pilot project, the Council and Board of Trustees shall determine if a pilot should be ended, or continued as an approved alternative membership option for interested county medical societies, and report on its action to the House.
    The Membership Committee recommends that the Council approve Resolution 2019-2, Pilot Membership Projects, for submission to the House of Delegates by MSSNY President Thomas Madejski, MD.
    Sponsorship Agreements:
    The Membership Committee recommends that the Council approve the creation of a Sponsorship Agreement initiative as outlined in the committee’s report.
  1. Commissioner of Science & Public Health, Joshua M. Cohen, MD
    a. Addiction and Psychiatric Medicine Committee Minutes, 10/19/2018
    bBio Ethics Committee Minutes, 11/2/2018
    c.  Committee on Health Care Disparities Minutes10/26/18 and 10/30/18
        d. Heart, Lung Committee Minutes 10/17/18
        e. Infectious Diseases Committee Minutes, 10/25/18
         f. Preventive Medicine and Family Health Committee Minutes, 10/18/18

5. Commissioner of Socio Medical Economics, Howard H. Huang, MD
       a. Interspecialty Committee Minutes, November 8, 2018

G. Report of the Executive Vice President, Philip Schuh, CPA, MS
1. Membership Dues Revenue Schedule
2. Group Institutional Dues Comparison Report

H. Report of the General Counsel, Garfunkel Wild, P.C. , Barry Cepelewicz, MD
     No written report submitted

I. Report of the Alliance, Valerie Semeran, Co-President
     1. Alliance Report
         No written report submitted

J. Other Information/Announcements

  1. 2017-2018 ABMS Board Certification Report (handout)
  2. Maternal Mortality Letter
  3. PAI Scorecard 2019 Quality Payment Program (QPP) Finalized Policies
  4. PAI Key Changes 2019 QPP Participation

K. Adjournment