NY Physicians’ Deep Concern for Congressional Healthcare Bills

For Immediate Release

June 27, 2017

NY Physicians’ Deep Concern for Congressional Healthcare Bills:

Statement from Medical Society of the State of New York President Charles Rothberg, MD

“While a wholesale review of the flaws of the ACA should be undertaken, we are deeply concerned about potentially significant adverse consequences to New York’s residents and its health care system arising from proposals before the House and Senate.

The House and Senate bills will replace the low cost coverage hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers currently have with tax credits that for many will be insufficient to purchase coverage.   Patients may face huge new out of pocket costs or worse, they may not purchase any coverage at all.   In addition, we also have strong concerns about the bill’s long-term impact on funding for New York’s health care system.

We look forward to working with the members of New York’s Congressional delegation and urge that they work towards enactment of legislation that enhances rather than reduces affordable and comprehensive coverage options for our patients.  We also urge that they work proactively with physicians and physician advocacy associations to ensure that proposed remedies will truly address patient care and coverage needs.”

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